Scope of the Enterprise Deep Investigation and Study

Wednesday, 18 July 2012 17:53
  • Enterprise basic information: contact information, registration information, shareholding structure and investment proportions.
  • Form of investment: set up new WFOE? set up JV with Chinese partner? M&A?
  • Management team: name, position, resume, background, salary levels, and comprehensive evaluation etc..
  • Human Resources: number and composition of the work force, background of the employees, salary levels, recruitment examination process.
  • Purchase channels of raw material and equipment: name, type, specification, name of supplier, etc..
  • Production: Production capability, equipment, production staff, and quality-control system.
  • Distribution channels: distribution areas covered by branches and subsidiaries, and distribution development plans, selection of distribution forms (e.g. on-line stores, agents, self-owned stores, supermarkets, department stores) sales volumes, sales cost and commission proportions, and management methods.
  • Main clients: list of clients, purchasing needs etc..
  • Marketing: Enterprise image building, advertising and promotion forms, expenses, effects.
  • Logistics system: Transportation forms, warehouse capacity, address, area, and logistics service agents.
  • Customer care and management: Customer service organization system, customers’ level of fulfillment with the brand, rates of rendered and repaired products.
  • Financial management: financial management system, capital structure analysis, debt and equity project analysis, ability to pay debt analysis, operation capability analysis and benefit capability analysis.
  • Background and development process (main events and dates)
  • Operation situation, development plans and business prospects

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