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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 18:07

Advantages of using Dongjin Financial and Tax Services

  • Working closely with our clients by providing day-to-day consultancy through e-mails, telephone calls, meetings and written opinions on relevant policy trends and implementation practices; providing suggestions on business practices and effective strategies to decrease operational costs and achieve the most efficient combination of in-house resources and external advisors’ experience.
  • The members of our tax team can offer you tax planning strategies, help you to decrease your tax burden and to enjoy the applicable tax exemptions by providing you with a wide range of commercial and taxation solutions, tax planning, tax analysis and solutions, and tax information and policies.
  • We can also formulate the best tax-efficient investment structures taking into consideration your operational needs.


Financial Services

  • Bookkeeping: preparing the accounting documentations
  • Financial risk control
  • Applications for financial subsidies
  • Initialization and customization of accounting software
  • Preparing financial reports: monthly carrying forward and closing accounts, preparing balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • Accounting record management: binding of original accounting documents, general ledgers, subsidiary ledgers and approved financial reports
  • Annual Audit / special audit / internal audit
  • Annual inspections of foreign-invested companies


Taxation services

  • Registration of tax categories
  • Purchase of various types of invoices
  • Calculation of circulation taxes and the additional fees
  • Annual report of settlement of income tax
  • Calculation of the income tax
  • Management of payment of taxes, fines, supplemental payments; applications for tax exemptions, deferrals of tax payment, tax exemptions or incentives for exports; payment of stamp duties
  • Calculation of vehicle and vessel tax and real estate tax
  • Review of tax payment situation, assessment of applicable tax, tax payment; annual audit, audit of specific items and audit of accounts
  • Applications for tax exemptions for representative offices, tax payment
  • Individual income tax service for foreign employees


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