What to do when FIEs are in a dilemma of "Wanting to leave but also Wanting to stay"? Featured

Wednesday, 06 March 2024 15:29

In recent years, with the sluggish global economy, some small and medium-sized foreign-funded service or trade companies in China have faced a dilemma due to a significant contraction in their business volume. If they continue to operate normally, fixed operating costs will lead to continued losses for the company. However, if they dissolve the foreign company, they are concerned about losing business opportunities in China, and dissolving and re-establishing a foreign company is both time-consuming and costly.


We have leveraged our comprehensive service advantages to provide a corporate takeover solution for such FIEs caught in the dilemma of "want to leave but also want to stay," which has been recognized by many small and medium-sized foreign-funded service or trade companies.


After entering into corporate takeover service, FIEs no longer need to continue renting their original office space or maintaining a team of back-office, financial, and administrative personnel to sustain their operations. The "butler-style" corporate takeover service resolves issues such as registration addresses for foreign companies, arranges professional financial personnel to handle bookkeeping, tax reporting, and annual inspections in accordance with the law, handles occasional invoicing, payment and receipt matters, responds to meetings with relevant government departments, and promptly conveys notifications from government departments. This ensures that the FIE maintains its normal existence and can be "revived" and resume operations at any time when the economic situation improves.


If you are interested in this corporate takeover service, please feel free to contact Dongjin for consultation.


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