Big Surprised?! After the business adjustment, the enterprise unexpectedly received financial subsidies. Featured

Monday, 27 March 2023 14:50

Shanghai foreign enterprise A is engaged in IT technology service business with an annual turnover of more than 50 million. Although the company has tried many times to apply for financial subsidies, they have not been approved.

After the headquarter of foreign enterprise A entrusted Dongjin to provide long-term financial and tax optimization services, Dongjin found that foreign enterprise A actually has conditions to apply for government financial support, but there are a series of problems such as accounts and contracts that do not meet the application conditions.

After in-depth analysis of its income structure, expenditure structure and personnel structure, Dongjin adjusted its business to dig out the income and expenditure that meet the conditions of financial subsidies. After re-preparing the application documents, it won more than CNY600,000 of financial subsidies for foreign enterprise A in the second year.


Dongjin Tips:

Although many enterprises have the opportunity to apply for financial subsidies, some enterprises have wasted a lot of opportunities because of their incomplete understanding of the policies of financial subsidies and lack of practical experience.

If the enterprise needs help, it can consult Dongjin at any time.


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