All Licenses and Financial Materials Lost, can the company been closed? Featured

Monday, 19 December 2022 08:10

Influenced by the 2020 COVID-19 seriously, it’s hard for the Shanghai “A” foreign company of being engaged in catering industry to continue to manage. Due to delay to pay salary, employees had all resigned in a short term. The overseas headquarter had not hired a new staff to take over in time, as a result that the licenses and financial information all missed in clearing a chaos of business premises. The overseas headquarter had been planned to apply to deregister, but without licenses and documents, the headquarter had thought that the “A” foreign company could not been closed normally. In consequence, it hadn’t submitted deregistration application and made tax returns or annual inspection, so the company and all of senior managers had been listed in blacklist.


In desperation, the headquarter had turned to Dongjin for help. Dongjin had applied all licenses for the foreign company firstly. Secondly, through communicating and coordinating with various personnel and institutions such as the former financial manager, tax bureau, bank and audit agency, the lost fiscal and tax information had been collected and sorted, the supplementary accounts had been processed as well as the tax declaration and annual inspection. So, the foreign company and all senior executives had been removed from the “blacklists”. Then, it had started the cancellation procedures, after repeated communication and coordination between Dongjin and tax bureau, under the circumstance of a shortage of original financial information, the cancellation audit report had finally recognized by the tax bureau. The A foreign company had successfully completed all cancellation procedures in the end.


Dongjin Remind:


A few of companies lose their company licenses and financial materials because of many reasons, they think it cannot apply to deregister by a normal procedure and then leave the company alone. But it may put company or senior executives into the “blacklists”.

However, with rich experience in deregistration, Dongjin can tailor it for companies according to the actual situation of customers and plan practical solutions. Then, the relevant licenses are re-applied for the companies, and through communicating and coordinating with various personnel and institutions such as the original company’s finance, tax bureau, bank and audit agency, the accounts and taxes are supplemented. Finally, the purpose of companies to complete deregistration can be achieved according to laws.


If the company has any problems, welcome to Dongjin for consulting.


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