Environmental Protection Tax is needed to be paid in Office Decorations! Featured

Monday, 10 October 2022 08:55

Environmental Protection Tax is needed to be paid in Office Decorations!


The A foreign company is a famous wholly-owned enterprise of multi-national company in China which it had settled branch company in Beijing three years ago. The A foreign company authorized the local decoration company to renovate the offices’ in Beijing to let the staff go in and use. Recently, because of the business adjustment, the company wanted to close the Beijing branch. But the Beijing local tax bureau required the company to pay environmental protection tax and overdue fine (construction dust pollution) when the branch cancelled the tax. The bureau also fined to the company according to related regulations. This record was harmful to the company about their tax punishment. After the overseas headquarter knew this situation, they were perfectly dissatisfied with the compliance management.


DongJin Remind: Office decorations need pay for environmental protection tax!


The environmental protection tax is unfamiliar to most companies, especially the companies that work in the offices think it’s none of their business. But it may produce construction dust pollution when offices are under decorated. According to the Environmental Protection Tax Law and Environmental Protection Tax Implement Regulations, companies need to pay the tax.

On the basis of its laws and regulations, the taxpayer of environmental protection tax should be the enterprises-institutions and producers-operators that discharge taxable pollutants to the environment directly. However, some cases like office decorations have huge difference between somewhere tax bureau local regulations and practical operations about How to pay the environmental protection tax and who pay for it.

DongJin notice related corporations, once you meet the above things, you must have communications with local tax bureau and pay attention on terms or conditions of contracts. If you have any problems, discuss with us at anytime.



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