Several measures to support the development of trade-oriented headquarters enterprises in the Hongqiao International Central Business District Featured

Tuesday, 05 July 2022 14:26

Support trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to gather and develop in business districts:

Trade-oriented headquarters enterprises refer to headquarters institutions that are established and registered in the Hongqiao International Central Business District, have independent legal personality, carry out physical operations, and have single or comprehensive trade and service functions such as procurement, distribution, marketing, settlement, logistics, operation, etc., and make outstanding contributions to regional economic and social development.


Support trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to attract talents with wisdom:

Improve the policy system for the introduction of gradient talents such as residence permit points, residence transfer and direct settlement, and support trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to introduce all kinds of outstanding talents such as senior managers, professional and technical personnel, and special contributors required. Trade-oriented headquarters enterprises shall be recommended by the competent departments of the industry to be included in the list of key institutions for the introduction of talents in Shanghai, so as to facilitate the settlement of outstanding talents introduced by them.

Support foreign personnel of trade-oriented headquarters enterprises that require multiple temporary entry, and apply for multiple visas with a validity period of not more than 1 year and a stay period of not more than 180 days. Foreign personnel of trade-oriented headquarters enterprises who need to temporarily come to the city and are too late to apply for an entry visa from the Chinese embassies and consulates abroad can apply for a port visa through the local exit-entry administration department to the port visa authority of the three provinces and one city of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Shanghai to apply for a port visa.

Foreign personnel employed by trade-oriented headquarters enterprises who have stayed in the city for a long time apply for a residence permit for foreigners valid for 3 to 5 years in accordance with regulations. Foreign high-level talents introduced by trade-oriented headquarters enterprises can be recommended by the business district management committee to apply for permanent residence on a priority basis.


Support trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to improve their capital operation and management capabilities:

Trade-oriented headquarters enterprises that have unified management needs for internal funds and meet the relevant conditions shall support their enterprise groups or foreign-invested companies in declaring the establishment of financial companies in accordance with relevant regulations, and provide centralized financial management services for their member units.

Support eligible trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to apply for the development of cross-border capital centralized operation business in accordance with the provisions on the centralized operation and management of cross-border funds of multinational companies, centralized operation and management of domestic and foreign funds, handling centralized receipt and payment of current account funds and netting of netting, and centralized management of foreign debt and overseas lending quotas.

Trade-oriented headquarters enterprises are encouraged to carry out various types of cross-border RMB business according to their own operation and management needs. Support eligible trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to set up onshore full-featured cross-border RMB capital pools, carry out centralized management of cross-border funds within the group, and allow overseas member enterprises and host enterprises in the region or between overseas host enterprises and member enterprises in the region to choose their own currencies for capital collection.


Support trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to increase the scale of trade:

Strengthen policy support such as export tax rebates, and handle export tax rebates in accordance with regulations for qualified trade-oriented headquarters enterprises that purchase domestically and ship them overseas as investment or for goods under the project. Relying on the Yangtze River Delta regional integration cooperation mechanism, promote the mutual recognition of the results of the classification management and assessment of export tax rebate (exemption) enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region. For trade-oriented headquarters enterprises that meet the requirements for recognition when moving into the business district, the tax department will establish a key contact system and apply the management service measures corresponding to the export tax rebate (exemption) management category originally assessed before moving in, so as to facilitate their handling of export tax rebate (exemption). Priority is given to recommending qualified trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to be included in the pilot project of fully digitized electronic invoices in Shanghai.



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