Guidelines for the resumption of epidemic prevention and control in the catering service industry Featured

Tuesday, 28 June 2022 09:04

If the restaurant in Shanghai wants to provide catering service, here are the guidelines:


1, Implement the main responsibility of enterprises:

The person in charge of the catering enterprise is the first person responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic in the enterprise, and each business unit must set up a prevention and control working group to formulate a normalized epidemic prevention and control plan and an emergency response plan. Supervise employees to complete the full vaccination, and if they meet the requirements, they also need to complete the intensive vaccination. Enterprises should prepare 14-day reserves of antigen detection reagents, masks, disinfection supplies, thermometers, protective clothing, face screens and other epidemic prevention materials to ensure the smooth progress of business operations and epidemic prevention and control.


2, Strengthen the control of personnel entering business premises:

The entrance to the business premises must be equipped with a "place code" or a health verification machine "digital sentinel". Customers must wear masks scientifically, actively scan the place code or digital sentry (must have a negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours), and have no abnormal body temperature (lower than 37.3 °C) before entering the store.


3, Strengthen employee health management:

Employees perform daily nucleic acid testing, and so on. The company's own delivery personnel and personnel engaged in cold chain positions shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant nucleic acid testing requirements. All on-the-job employees must wear disposable medical masks or medical surgical masks at all times.


4, Limit gatherings for meals:

Control the flow of diners. Expand the spacing between tables, large and medium-sized restaurants (operating area of more than 150 square meters) lobby according to 70% proportion of the table set up seats, between the tables must maintain a distance of more than one meter. The square (long) type dining table implements compartmentalization and misalignment, and the standard round table implements compartmentalized seating. Small catering restaurants (operating area of less than 150 square meters) control the number of diners according to the proportion of 50% of the maximum carrying capacity, square (long) table implements compartmentalization and dislocation, and standard round tables implement septum seating. Contactless ordering and checkout. Set up a "one-meter line" in areas where people are likely to gather, such as the pick-up area, the checkout area, and the waiting area inside and outside the store, to remind customers to maintain a safe distance. Priority is given to contactless ordering and checkout. The meal time is generally mastered at about 1.5 hours, and the dining staff wears a mask before and after the meal.



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