Key issues for Shanghai to optimize the business environment in 2022 Featured

Thursday, 09 June 2022 08:22

Easier business registration: The whole process of enterprise change and cancellation is handled online. Further optimize and improve online registration, promote online handling of matters such as changes and cancellations, and provide full-process online services such as application, review and decision, and delivery of results for domestic and foreign-funded enterprises.


Flexible payment of taxes and fees: Establish a social co-governance point for taxation. In cooperation with social institutions, at least 40 new tax social co-governance points will be established to provide taxpayers with integrated, intelligent and differentiated tax-related (fee) services for tax law publicity, tax consultation, matter handling, rights protection and government services. Expand the scope of electronic invoicing. Further strengthen policy publicity and operational guidance, and continue to do a good job in the promotion and application of VAT electronic general invoices and VAT electronic special invoices. In accordance with the unified deployment of the State Administration of Taxation, actively implement the pilot work of comprehensive digital electronic invoices, explore various application scenarios, and facilitate enterprise operations.


Financing services upgraded: Bank account opening and payment of fees and fee reductions. Implement the reduction or exemption of bank account opening fees. Banks are encouraged to waive all account management fees and annual fees for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households on the basis of reducing or waiving one account management fee and annual fee. For transfers of less than 100,000 yuan between public banks, a handling fee of not higher than the government's guidance price is 90%, and the handling fee is encouraged to be waived for transfers of less than 100,000 yuan by the public bank. Cancel the check cost, report loss fee, cancel the promissory note and bank draft fee, work cost, report loss fee. Banks are encouraged to implement exemptions or preferential measures for the annual fees and management fees of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households on online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking, and security certification tools.

Expand the policy effect of cross-border investment and financing facilitation. Promote the pilot project of foreign debt facilitation quota for high-tech enterprises, the pilot project of one-time foreign debt registration, and the pilot business of sharing foreign debt quota of parent and subsidiary companies of financial leasing companies, and greatly improve the degree of facilitation of cross-border investment and financing revenue and expenditure and use of funds in Shanghai.


Enhance the level of digitalization of cross-border business. Promote banks to carry out pilot projects for digital capital account services, guide financial institutions to handle capital project business for enterprises through online methods with legal effect, and replace raw paper application materials with electronic materials.


Cross-border trade facilitation: Optimize the inspection mode of high-tech cargo ports. Innovate the customs risk prevention and control mechanism, carry out cross-customs area control inspection, and exempt special packaging goods such as vacuum packaging, light and dust prevention, and constant temperature storage imported by high-tech enterprises from port inspection, and instead implement inspection at the destination, reduce intervention in port affairs, reduce the risk of material damage to goods, and improve customs clearance timeliness.


One-stop announcement of dock operation fees (THC) of shipping companies. Optimize the "single window" charging publicity system for International Trade in Shanghai. Guide all charging entities at ports to disclose the list of fee catalogues through the Shanghai International Trade "Single Window" charging publicity system and strengthen dynamic updates. Promote the one-stop publicity of THC and document fees of the main routes of Shanghai Port Shipping Company.


Expand international trade featured financial services. In the "single window" of Shanghai international trade, the functions of outward remittance under advance payment and inward remittance under cargo trade have been added, and exclusive financing financial products have been launched, including tax rebate fast loan, freight financing, export credit insurance package, import and export food safety comprehensive insurance, etc., to reduce the financing cost of foreign trade enterprises.




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