Notice on using the Service Trade Innovation and Development Guidance Fund to support the development of new trade formats and model Featured

Thursday, 17 March 2022 15:01

In order to give full play to the role of the service trade innovation and development guidance fund, guide social capital to support the development of new trade formats and models, expand enterprise and project financing channels, do a good job in cross-cycle adjustment, and promote the stable development of foreign trade, the relevant work is hereby notified as follows:


Attaching great importance to the role of the service trade fund. The service trade fund is a state-level fund approved by the State Council, which is an important measure to promote the innovative development of service trade, and is of great significance for introducing a new financing model in the field of foreign trade and economic cooperation and driving social capital to support the development of service trade enterprises. All localities should attach great importance to giving play to the role of service trade funds, explore various ways to carry out cooperation with service trade funds, and support new trade formats and new models with new ways of financing.


Focus on new formats and new models to cultivate new momentum for development. New formats and models such as cross-border e-commerce, overseas warehouses, digital trade, and cloud outsourcing are the living forces of trade development and an important trend in the development of international trade. Accelerating the development of new trade formats and models is conducive to promoting the high-quality development of trade and cultivating new advantages in participating in international economic cooperation and competition. Local departments in charge of commerce should conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the State Council, promote relevant local funds and social capital to strengthen coordination with service trade funds, and increase investment in new formats and models. Support the construction of a supporting service system that adapts to the development of cross-border e-commerce, support the improvement of the digital and intelligent level of overseas warehouses, optimize and improve the layout, play the role of "reservoir", help small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to borrow ships to go to sea; support the development and growth of cross-border logistics service providers, and promote the construction of an international logistics system. Support the cultivation of digital trade enterprises and projects, and incubate international digital trade providers. Guide time-honored enterprises in representative fields that meet the conditions to innovate and carry out trade in services, and promote the "going out" of long-established high-quality services.


Using direct financing means to bail out export-oriented SMEs. Export-oriented SMEs are generally asset-light, have less collateral, and are difficult to finance through traditional methods such as bank credit, but they have the characteristics of new business models and great growth potential. All localities should enrich the financing support means for export-oriented SMALL and medium-sized enterprises, broaden financing channels, promote commercial banks, export credit insurance and other institutions to cooperate with service trade funds to carry out financial service innovation, integrate financial resources, meet the diversified financing needs of export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, and establish an investment and financing ecosystem that supports innovative development.


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