Notice on several measures to strengthen the protection of trade secrets in Shanghai Featured

Thursday, 17 March 2022 07:46

Promote the construction of a trade secret protection system:

  1. Promote the construction of demonstration bases for the protection of trade secrets. Focus on the city's "3 + 6" new industrial system, actively promote the cultivation and construction of trade secret protection demonstration areas and demonstration stations (points) at the municipal and district levels, steadily promote the cultivation and recommendation and declaration of the national trade secret demonstration base, and accelerate the construction of a trade secret protection demonstration base with complete organizational structure, professional staffing, effective basic guarantee, perfect system construction, and outstanding typical demonstration. By the end of 2022, no less than 100 trade secret protection demonstration sites, no less than 10 trade secret protection demonstration stations, and no less than 10 trade secret protection demonstration areas will be built throughout the city.
  2. Support the pilot construction of a block chain public service platform in Lingang New Area. Taking advantage of the service opening policy of Lingang New Area, take the lead in establishing a public service platform for the protection of block chain trade secrets for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up technology-based enterprises, explore the safe and convenient one-stop storage method for trade secret protection, and generate block chain digital deposit certificates to maintain a good business environment for entrepreneurship and innovation of science and technology enterprises.


Strengthen supervision and law enforcement of trade secret protection:

Strengthen the construction of a contingent of law enforcement personnel for the protection of trade secrets. Select front-line law enforcement case-handling backbones, form a talent pool for law enforcement case-handling at the municipal and district levels for trade secret protection, and gradually establish a professional law enforcement team that closely cooperates and cooperates with talents in various fields such as law, industrial economics, and information technology, to better solve law enforcement case-handling problems. Organize online and offline training, case discussions, and publicity and exchanges, continuously improve the ability level of law enforcement case-handling personnel, and accelerate the construction of a modern and high-quality team of law enforcement personnel for trade secret protection law enforcement.


Improve mechanisms for linking trade secret protection:

  1. Improve cross-departmental linkage mechanisms for trade secret protection. Give play to the advantages of fast and efficient administrative protection, and strengthen the connection with judicial departments such as public security and procuratorates, as well as competent departments in the industry. Strengthen the convergence of work in areas such as the discovery of illegal leads, the transfer of cases, the criteria for identification, and the handling of meetings and chambers of commerce, clarify the responsibilities of departments, and establish and complete working mechanisms for the protection of executioners of commercial secrets in which each performs its duties, shares advantages, cooperates with each other, and is efficient and smooth.
  2. Strengthen cross-departmental professional guidance on trade secret protection. Adhere to the problem-oriented approach, focus on the use of patent application methods to infringe trade secrets and other new types of infringement and illegal acts, jointly with intellectual property rights, public security, procuratorates, courts and other departments, explore and study trade secret prior protection and infringement relief measures, combined with typical cases, guide enterprises to refine and improve the scientific and efficient trade secret protection system and control measures, and effectively enhance the awareness and ability of enterprises' trade secrets.


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