Notice of on carrying out special governance work on moral-bottomless marketing of food for minors Featured

Monday, 14 March 2022 13:12

Supervise and urge food producers and traders to strictly implement the relevant normative requirements, strengthen the control of the production and operation process and the management of labeling, actively monitor the quality and safety of listed products, and take risk control measures in a timely manner for hidden dangers.


Supervise and urge food business operators in and around the campus to conduct comprehensive self-inspection, and strictly implement the responsibility and obligation of incoming goods inspection. Food business operators are strictly prohibited from purchasing, storing, and selling food that is packaged or labeled as pornographic, violent, or undesirable forms or content that endangers the physical and mental health of minors. Proprietors who discover that there are foods that violate public order and good customs and harm the physical and mental health of minors should be removed from the shelves immediately.


Urge e-commerce platforms to implement obligations such as verification and registration of network access operators' qualifications in accordance with laws and regulations, strengthen the management and publicity of business operators' identity information within the platform, and fully implement self-declaration and publicity of business operators that do not require registration. Take bottomless marketing terms and behaviors as the focus of monitoring and review, carry out comprehensive self-examination, promptly clean up relevant publicity language and illegal advertisements that violate packaging, labeling violations and violations of public order and good customs, and promptly take measures such as warnings, suspension or termination of services for business operators on the platform that violate laws and regulations, and report the handling situation to the market supervision department to which it belongs.


Give full play to the role of the "toolbox" of market supervision, comprehensively use registration, daily supervision, law enforcement audits, credit supervision and other means to implement joint disciplinary action, focusing on strengthening the daily supervision and sampling monitoring of food safety in campuses and areas around campuses, and strictly investigate and punish the following violations of laws and regulations;  1.Engage in food production without permission, produce and trade food that does not meet food safety standards and labeling is illegal;  2.Make false or misleading commercial publicity about the performance and function of the product;  3.Publish advertisements that are spoofy, vulgar, or contain pornographic or soft pornographic content that violate public order and good customs and harm the physical and mental health of minors;  4. Design, produce, act as an agent, or publish advertisements for products that are strictly prohibited to be produced and sold by laws and administrative regulations such as "three no products";  5.Production and operation of goods that infringe the exclusive right to use a registered trademark;  6. E-commerce platform operators do not perform statutory verification and registration obligations, fail to take necessary disposition measures for illegal situations, or fail to report to the competent departments.


Strengthen coordination and cooperation, do a good job of case publicity: All units (departments) should actively cooperate with the education and public security departments, strengthen coordination, form a joint force, continue to increase the intensity of publicity, form a good situation of social co-governance, completely put an end to the use of food in the name of soft pornography, vulgar information and other behaviors that violate public order and good customs, and transfer all suspected crimes to the public security organs for investigation and handling. Through investigating and handling a number of illegal cases, exposing a number of typical cases, and severely punishing a number of lawbreakers, an effective deterrent is formed.



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