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Thursday, 10 March 2022 09:32

Strengthen the supervision and enforcement of trade secret protection:

Strengthen law enforcement and case handling. Actively respond to enterprises' demands for rights protection, increase the intensity of law enforcement and case handling of infringement of trade secrets, severely crack down on all kinds of infringement and illegal acts, and form a social deterrent force of strong protection and supervision. Establish and improve law enforcement case-handling processes, strengthen the standardization of law enforcement case-handling, and improve the targeted effectiveness of law enforcement case-handling and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises. Strengthen the crackdown on infringement in key areas and key issues, and solve difficult problems in law enforcement case handling, such as difficulties in law enforcement, difficulty in presenting evidence, and difficulty in safeguarding rights. 


Improve law enforcement capabilities. In view of the professional, technical, and complex characteristics of trade secret protection, continuously improve the ability and level of law enforcement to handle cases. Pay attention to the training of law enforcement teams, and strengthen training in scientific and technological change, economic development, and enterprise innovation. Extensively carry out mutual exchanges, learn from practical experience, discuss universal, trendy and focal issues, and discuss solutions and ways. Accelerate the training of a group of professional law enforcement teams that understand the law, the economy, and technology.


Complete the service guarantee system for the protection of trade secrets:

Improve government service guarantees. In view of the new requirements and challenges brought about by economic development and scientific and technological changes, we actively respond to the extensive needs of trade secret protection, and establish a trade secret protection service system with wide coverage and full process. Relying on various types of parks such as local industrial parks and economic development zones, establish a trade secret protection service network. Establish government service contact sites and protection bases, provide professional consulting services for trade secret protection, accept infringement complaint materials, and carry out normalized publicity and interpretation of policies and regulations. Explore the establishment of a liaison system for the protection of trade secrets, and smooth the communication channels between governments and enterprises. Guide the establishment of trade secret protection alliances, and cultivate benchmark demonstration enterprises for trade secret protection. 


Strengthen the provision of third-party services. Combined with the degree of market development, extensive mobilization makes full use of all aspects of society, actively cultivates local third-party institutions, provides high-quality services, and forms a socialized service network. Encourage third-party institutions to further enrich their functions, increase professional personnel, expand professional coverage, and provide the society with convenient and professional trade secret protection services such as appraisal and risk control. 


Strengthen think tank support. Give full play to the intellectual guarantee role of experts and scholars. Relying on professional institutions such as universities, scientific research institutes, and law firms, establish multi-field, high-level, and high-level think tanks for the protection of trade secrets. Combined with the practice of trade secret protection, strengthen theoretical research on cutting-edge, forward-looking and innovative issues, strengthen follow-up research on international trends and experiences, and strengthen research on key and difficult issues.


Benchmark high standards of international economic and trade rules:

Strengthen the protection of foreign-related rights protection assistance. Adapt to the development trend of the open economy, focus on the construction and "going out" of the "Belt and Road", and improve the internationalization level of trade secret protection. Combined with the characteristics of economic development in various places, study the establishment of a database of overseas rights protection cases, and strengthen case analysis and research. Combined with the practical needs of enterprises "going out", strengthen the rapid response, tracking analysis and risk early warning of foreign-related cases, support enterprises to safeguard their rights overseas, and gradually establish a foreign-related trade secret protection assistance system. 


Create a great-opened environment. Adapt to the requirements of high-level institutional openness, and explore the establishment of a trade secret protection system that is linked to international rules. Strengthen international exchanges, publicize good practices in the protection of trade secrets in China, expand influence, and establish an international image of China respecting intellectual property rights and respecting trade secrets.


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