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Monday, 07 March 2022 08:01

In order to standardize the behavior of non-disciplinary off-campus training, effectively prevent problems such as low training quality, arbitrary rise in prices, and potential safety hazards, protect the legitimate rights and interests of students and parents, and regulate the development of non-disciplinary off-campus training industry, the following announcements are hereby made on relevant matters: 

  1. Non-disciplinary off-campus training should fully implement the party's education policy, adhere to the principle of building people with virtue, maintain the attribute of public welfare, follow the laws of education, and promote the healthy growth and all-round development of primary and secondary school students.
  2. Non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions shall have the corresponding qualifications and conditions, and practitioners shall have the corresponding vocational (professional) ability certificates.
  3. Non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions shall strive to improve the quality of training, ensuring that the training content and training methods are compatible with the age status, physical and mental characteristics, and cognitive level of the training subjects. Non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions shall establish internal management systems such as the preparation and research and development of training materials, review, selection and use, and personnel qualification review, and clarify the responsible departments, responsible persons, work responsibilities, standards, processes, and accountability methods.
  4. Non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions shall strictly implement the safety risk prevention requirements of venues, facilities, fire protection and other safety risks stipulated by the state and the industry. Establish and improve the safety management system, regularly carry out safety self-examination, and do a good job in emergency handling.
  5. Non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions shall follow the principles of fairness, legality, and good faith, and reasonably determine training fee items and standards based on market demand, training costs, and other factors. Training fees shall be clearly marked with prices, and information such as training content, training duration, charging items, and charging standards shall be disclosed to the public and subject to public supervision.
  6. Non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions shall fully use the "Off-campus Training Service Contract for Primary and Secondary School Students (Model Text)", strictly perform contractual obligations, and standardize their own collection of fees. It is forbidden to engage in unfair competition by means of fictitious original prices, false discounts, false publicity, etc., to prevent and stop monopolistic behavior, and to prohibit any form of price fraud.
  7. The pre-fee of non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions must be fully entered into the special account for fees charged by the institution. Training for primary and secondary school students shall not be paid by means of training loans. It is not allowed to charge a one-time fee or in the form of recharge, sub-card, etc. for a time span of more than 3 months or 60 lessons.
  8. Industry organizations shall give play to the role of industry self-discipline, guide training institutions to set reasonable prices, standardize off-campus training services, and must not carry out discipline-based training in violation of regulations in the name of non-disciplinary training, and consciously maintain market order and industry image.
  9. Any unit or individual has the right to appeal and report violations of laws and regulations by non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions to departments such as education, market supervision, and development and reform. Non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions should actively address the reasonable demands raised by consumers.
  10. Departments such as for education, development and reform, and market supervision in all localities and relevant industry competent departments shall establish and complete a market monitoring system for non-disciplinary off-campus training, promptly grasp market changes, strengthen supervision, reasonably guide market expectations, strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations by non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions in accordance with law, and publicly expose typical cases with serious circumstances.


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