Business Environment Innovation Pilot Implementation Plan Featured

Thursday, 24 February 2022 15:43

Strive to create an open and inclusive foreign-related business environment:

In the "CCC Exemption Management System", open convenient channel for eligible enterprises. Promote the CCC exemption and facilitation measures. Trial implementation of the "CCC exemption self-commitment convenient channel" measures, eligible applicants to the State Administration for Market Supervision to open a convenient channel in the "CCC exemption management system". Enterprises can obtain CCC exemption certificates through self-commitment, self-service reporting, automatic certification, and zero waiting. 


Simplify the process and materials for commercial registration of Hong Kong and Macao investors. Optimize foreign-funded enterprises and international talent management services. Simplify the process and materials for commercial registration of Hong Kong and Macao investors. In areas that do not directly involve public safety and people's lives and health, and risks are controllable, cooperate with the completion of the establishment of the international vocational qualification certificate recognition list system.


Explore the free flow of scientific research equipment and consumables across borders, simplify the import and export procedures for equipment and samples for research and development purposes: Cooperate with the leading department to take the lead in establishing a "white list" system for biomedical enterprises to import research and development articles in the field of biomedicine, and provide customs clearance facilities for "white list" items.


Strive to build an innovation-led institutional highland:Support Pudong New Area to be the first to try in an all-round way. Support Pudong New Area to make full use of local legislative advantages to explore the establishment of a registration and confirmation system for commercial entities; explore innovative market entities to withdraw from reform measures, and pilot the delisting system of market entities in Pudong New Area; explore the implementation of the market quasi-camp commitment system to improve the convenience of market entities' access to quasi-business. 


Support the high-level institutional opening up of the Harbor New Area, study the establishment of a special window for the anti-monopoly review and consultation of concentration of undertakings, and provide consulting services for operators in the process of declaration of concentration of undertakings in the process of mergers, reorganizations, acquisitions and new joint ventures.


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