Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center Management Measures Featured

Wednesday, 16 February 2022 12:48

Municipal enterprise technology centers shall have the following basic conditions: 

Enterprises registered in accordance with the law in Shanghai; in a leading position in the industry, with significant scale advantages and competitive advantages; main products and services in line with the national and Shanghai industrial development orientation; focus on supporting strategic emerging industries, giving priority to the development of integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence three leading industries and electronic information, life and health, automobiles, high-end equipment, advanced materials, fashion consumer goods six key industries. 


The technical center has a sound organizational system and a sound management mechanism, which can continuously support the technological innovation of enterprises; can create and use intellectual property rights, actively lay out international patents, and build a technical standard system; build an international open innovation system, carry out joint research in cutting-edge science and technology, major common key technology research, etc., and carry out collaborative innovation between industry, education, research and application.


The enterprise has a technical leader with high technical level and rich practical experience, has a certain scale of technical talent team, and has a strong advantage in innovative talents in the same industry; has more perfect research, development and test conditions. 


There is a high and continuous investment in research and development, and the research and development and innovation ability are in a leading position in the same industry; focus on the major demand areas of the country and the market, and carry out key core technology research in the field of basic, versatile and forward-looking technology. 


Outstanding technological innovation performance, mastering core technologies, owning independent brands; playing a leading and promoting role in the industry, participating in international cooperation and competition. 


The enterprise has a good credit standing, and the following circumstances have not existed within two years (two years before the application deadline): criminal or administrative punishment for violating the customs law and relevant laws and administrative regulations, constituting smuggling, or receiving administrative punishment for serious violations of customs supervision regulations; serious tax violations such as tax evasion and fraudulent export tax rebates for violating the tax collection and management law and relevant laws and administrative regulations; and other serious illegal and untrustworthy acts determined by judicial or administrative organs.


Applying for the municipal enterprise technology center shall meet the following indicator requirements: 

The research and development expenses of the enterprise in the previous year shall not be less than 10 million RMB, and the proportion of the main business income in the previous year shall not be less than 3%. The proportion of research and development expenses to the main business income is calculated according to the scale of the enterprise and the reference industry coefficient, and the specific coefficients are released separately; 


The original value of research and development instruments and equipment and the purchase cost of research and development software in the previous year are not less than 10 million RMB (the productive service enterprise is not less than 6 million RMB); 


The research and development personnel of the enterprise in the previous year are not less than 60; 


Within three years before the application year, Enterprises have obtained no less than 6 intellectual property rights through independent research and development (no less than 6 intellectual property rights obtained by pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises through independent research and development, clinical trial licenses, drug registration certificates, etc.); 


Encourage and support the key project undertaking units approved by the state or Shanghai Municipality to apply for municipal enterprise technology centers.


Municipal enterprise technology centers can enjoy the following innovative services: 

Enterprises can strengthen the docking of innovation resources through the technological innovation service platform and promote cross-border integration and innovation. 


Enterprise technology centers can enjoy special financial support service programs in accordance with relevant regulations and smooth innovative financing channels. 


In accordance with the relevant regulations of the state and Shanghai Municipality, the enterprise technology center can enjoy relevant policy support in terms of talent settlement, talent incentives, financing loans, and listing cultivation. 


Support the enterprise technology center with strong innovation strength to undertake the special task of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in the country and Shanghai. 


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