Digital Economy Development Outlook during the “14th Five-Year Plan” Featured

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 08:04

China's digital economy is turning to a new phase with deepening application, standardized development and universal sharing, in order to expand the new space for economic development and promote the healthy development of China's digital economy, due Outlook has been made with the following details:


By 2025, moving towards full expansion, the core industry value added of the digital economy will reach 10% of GDP, and the competitiveness and influence of China's digital economy will steadily increase. By 2035, the digital economy will move towards prosperity and maturity, striving to form a unified and fair, competitive and orderly, mature and complete modern market system for the digital economy, with the foundation of digital economy development and the level of development of the industrial system ranking among the world leaders.


  • Optimize and upgrade digital infrastructure

Accelerate the construction of information network infrastructure, promote the integrated development of cloud-network synergy and computing network, and orderly promote the intelligent upgrading of infrastructure.


  • Give full play for data elements

Strengthen the supply of high-quality data elements, accelerate the market-oriented circulation of data elements, and innovate the exploitation and utilization mechanism of those data elements.


  • Vigorously promote the industrial digital transformation

Accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, comprehensively deepen the digital transformation of key industries, promote the digital transformation of industrial parks and industrial clusters, and cultivate an ecology of transformation support services.


  • Accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization

Enhance the innovation capacity of key technologies, improve the competitiveness of core industries, accelerate the cultivation of new industries and models, and create the prosperous and orderly industrial innovation ecology.


  • Continuously improve the digital level of public services

Improve the effectiveness of "Internet + government services", enhance the level of digital inclusion of social services, promote the digital integrated development of urban and rural areas, and create a new digital life of smart sharing.


  • Perfect the governance system of digital economy

Strengthen collaborative governance and regulatory mechanisms, enhance the government's digital governance capacity, and improve the new pattern of multiple governances.


  • Put efforts into strengthening the digital economy security

Enhance network security protection capabilities, improve the protection level of data security, and effectively prevent all kinds of risks.


  • Effectively expand international cooperation in the digital economy

Accelerate the digital development of trade, promote the "Digital Silk Road" in-depth development, and actively build a good international cooperation environment.


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