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Friday, 07 January 2022 08:04

Focused Promotion for Professional Service Providers in Industrial Internet


In order to improve the innovative ecosystem of industrial Internet industry in Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information will select a number of professional service providers with excellent technical strength, outstanding service capability and good market response to give focused promotion within the city. Specific relevant issues are noted as follows:


  • Supporting ranges

With key industries such as biomedicine, electronic information, iron and steel, chemical, aerospace, shipping, nuclear power, automobile and energy, facing nationwide and the Yangtze River Delta region, provide third-party digital transformation professional services such as cloud network services, logo resolution services, integration services, industrial data services, comprehensive integration services and industrial information security services.


  • Applying requirements

(1) Entities that are legally established and have the ability to assume independent civil liability (including in or out of the city), with sound financial management and good credit standing;

(2) Entities declaring the professional service direction of industrial data, comprehensive integration and cloud network must focus on specific industrial fields, and provide digitalization, networking and intelligent upgrading of third-party independent professional services for related enterprises;

(3) The products or services of the applying entities should have advanced technical architecture, corresponding technical and service teams and security capabilities, with core competitive advantages and distinctive features for business model innovation, and also have service foundation, capability guarantee and service cases in Shanghai, as well as good application benefits and high market maturity;

(4) It's encouraged that the applying entities jointly carry out the promotion and application of comprehensive solutions for key industries with other professional service providers, the manufacturing enterprises are encouraged to divest the relevant functional departments to provide industry empowerment services, and the excellent industrial Internet service providers in the Yangtze River Delta region are encouraged to declare their new enterprises in Shanghai;

(5) The declaration materials must be reviewed by the competent department of the administrative region where the entity is registered;

(6) In principle, the same entity can only apply for one single direction.


  • Application and publication

The applying entity should submit the relevant paper materials to the competent department of the administration where the establishment is registered for review.

Due recommended list will be selected by a team of experts, and will be adjusted and supplemented regularly.

Those who have been included in the 2020 Recommended List of Shanghai Industrial Internet Professional Service Providers must re-apply and participate in the selection.


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