The Reform of Investment Project Approval System Featured

Tuesday, 28 December 2021 09:18

In recent years, some issues have restricted the field of investment "decentralization-control-service" reform to deepen, in order to further promote the reform of investment project approval system and enhance the scientific, standardized and convenient level of the whole process of investment and construction, the National Development and Reform Commission on December 15th, 2021 put forward the following opinions:


Clear and simplified investment review management

Investment management system: Accelerate the revision of the central budget direct investment, investment subsidies, loan subsidies, as well as enterprise investment project approval and filing management.

Strict management of investment approval items: Items of approval based on clear laws and regulations should be sorted out to form a unified list of investment approval and declaration materials within the provincial region. Meanwhile, those involved in newly added or disguised as additional investment approval links in the name of "services" and "registration" should be strictly guarded.

Simplified management of specific government investment project approval: Government investment projects included in the relevant development plans, special plans and regional planning scope, can no longer submit project proposals for approval; for expansion projects and construction with single content, smaller investment scale or simple technical solutions, can be combined to prepare and approve project proposals, feasibility studies and preliminary designs; government investment projects in response to natural disasters, accidents, public health events, social security incidents and other emergencies that require emergency construction, can be combined in the preparation of documents, simplify the approval process based on the establishment of green channels and centralized departmental meetings to improve the efficiency.


Innovative and upgraded investment approval process

Enterprise investment project commitment system: With "information and commitment + supervision during and after the event" as the core, the enterprise investment projects that meet the requirements may be chosen by the enterprise to make a legally valid written commitment in accordance with the standards set by the government.

Innovative investment online platform construction application: Based on the fixed asset investment project code to study and strengthen the interconnection and information sharing with the information system of banks, funds and other financial institutions to promote the solution of the financing docking problems of enterprises and financial institutions.


Regulated and strict investment approval activities 

Pre-investment project work: Curb the blind development of high-energy-consuming and high-emission projects, promote the realization of carbon neutral target requirements, and implement the requirements of land and sea and planning site selection, energy saving, water conservation and environmental protection into the feasibility study of the project.

Investment project decision-making management: Focus on reviewing whether the investment project is in line with the development and construction planning, regional planning, industrial policies, and the implementation of construction conditions such as the financing of government investment projects.

Coordinate services for real estate investment trusts (REITs) projects in the infrastructure field: Strengthen communication with local dispatching agencies of CSRC, and local departments of industry management, natural resources, ecological environment, housing and urban-rural construction, and state capital supervision.


Better and improved investment supervision and management

Investment law enforcement supervision and integrity risk prevention and control: All investment projects that must be tendered according to law, their bidding and procurement activities are all included in the public resources trading platform.

Synergy between the reform of the investment project approval system and other relevant reforms: Mainly focus in the range of land use, environmental assessment, energy conservation and construction.


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