Implementation Plan on Revitalizing Industrial Economic Operation and Promoting High-quality Industrial Development Featured

Tuesday, 21 December 2021 08:21

To explore the potential of market demand and stimulate the vitality of market entities, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formulated this Implementation Plan on December 8th, 2021. 


Open up the blockage points and ensure the smooth circulation of industrial economy

Solidly promote safe energy supply, take multiple measures to effectively enhance the total energy consumption management flexibility, and protect the reasonable use of energy for industrial development. Keep the price of bulk raw materials stable, vigorously increase the effective market supply of bulk raw materials, and flexibly use the national reserves to carry out market regulation. Maintain a smooth supply chain and industrial chain in key areas such as new energy vehicles and medical equipment, and implement the "1+N" supply chain penetration projects within those fields.


Explore the potential of demand and expand the market space for industrial economy

Promote the implementation of significant projects, and lay out a number of new infrastructure projects in areas such as 5G and gigabit optical networks. Strongly promote the technological transformation of enterprises in key areas as steel, non-ferrous, construction materials, petrochemicals, coal and electricity. Cultivate new industrial models, deepen the national strategic emerging industry cluster development projects, and plan ahead for future industries. Release the consumption potential in key areas, accelerate the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, speed up the construction of supporting facilities such as charging piles and switching stations, encourage qualified places to launch a new round of trade-in actions in fields like home appliances, encourage countryside promotions for new energy vehicles, smart home appliances and green construction materials, and promote the landing of ultra-high definition video for significant scenes such as the broadcast of the Beijing Winter Olympics.


Strengthen policy supports and sound industrial economic security measures

Improve the development policies in key industries, continue to consolidate and improve the results of iron and steel overcapacity, improve the investment management of the automobile industry, support the accelerated development of new energy vehicles, optimize the planning and layout of the petrochemical industry, and implement the "Sail Action Plan" for 5G applications. Optimize the policy system in critical regions. Strengthen energy efficiency standards to lead the way. Increase financing support for manufacturing industry. Solve labor problems for enterprises.


Optimize the development environment and foster a stable industrial economy

Alleviate the burden of the small-and-medium-sized enterprises, and implement the policies to support the small-and-medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry to relieve their difficulties. Optimize the market environment, establish and improve the regular mechanism for special enforcement and inspection of the Regulation on Optimizing the Business Environment, implement a good mechanism for entrepreneurs to participate in the formulation of enterprise-related policies, and strengthen the pre-evaluation and post-evaluation of the formulation of policies.


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