Development Plan of Cold Chain Logistics for the “14th Five-Year Plan” Featured

Thursday, 16 December 2021 08:05

Cold chain logistics refers to the professional logistics that uses technical technology, facilities and equipment to ensure that cold chain products are always under the specified temperature environment during the whole processes including primary processing, storage, transportation, circulation and processing, sales and distribution. The normalization of the prevention and control of COVID-19 has put forward a higher demand for cold chain logistics, and the development of cold chain logistics is facing new opportunities and challenges.


The two aiming goals of this Plan are: By 2025, initially to form the cold chain logistics network that links the origin and marketing, covering urban and rural areas, connecting domestic and international, and basically to build the cold chain logistics system in line with China's situation and industrial structure characteristics, and to meet the needs of economic and social development. Looking ahead to 2035, to fully build a modern cold chain logistics system with the facilities network, technology and equipment, service quality reaching the world's advanced level, and the industrial supervision and governance capacity basically modernized.


The overall layout of the modern cold chain logistics system in the Plan includes, creating a "321" cold chain logistics operation system with "three levels of nodes, two systems, and one integrated network", building a "four horizontal and four vertical" national cold chain logistics backbone channel, improving the service system, perfecting the supervision and strengthening the support system.


Consolidate the foundation of cold chain logistics for the origin of agricultural products. Improve the placement of cold chain logistics facilities and the source base network, and build the cold chain distribution centers. Construct the service network, optimize the organization of agricultural products field collection, and improve the efficiency of agricultural products out and into town. Innovate the organization mode, promote the development of direct supply from the origin, and help build the brands of agricultural products.


Improve the quality of cold chain transportation services. Strengthen the integrated operation of cold chain transportation, promote the scale development of trunk transportation the organic connection of its branch lines. Upgrade transportation facilities and equipment, improve the development level of refrigerated trucks and promote the unitization of transport carriers. Develop multimodal transport, improve cold chain multimodal transport facilities and enhance international intermodal transport capacity.


Improve the cold chain logistics network at the place of sale. Accelerate the construction of urban cold chain logistics facilities, improve the cold chain distribution system at the place of sale, and innovate the cold chain logistics model for consumption.


Optimize cold chain logistics services for all categories, especially in the fields of meats, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, dairy products, frozen foods and pharmaceutical products.


Promote innovation in the whole processes of cold chain logistics. Accelerate the pace of digital development, raise the level of intelligent development, accelerate the process of green development, improve the level of innovation in technology and equipment, create a new two-way cold chain logistics channel for consumer goods, and build a new ecology for industrial integration and development.


Strengthen all-round support. Cultivate backbone enterprises, improve the standard system, perfect the statistics, and enhance the training of talents.


Strengthen the whole-chain supervision. Innovative means of industry supervision, establish a new credit-based supervisory mechanism and strengthen social supervision. Enhance inspection and testing, and build a firm line of defense against external importation of epidemics.


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