Enhanced Protection for Minors in the Online Cultural Industry Featured

Monday, 13 December 2021 08:10

Over recent years, in the rapid development of online performances, music, animation, shows (programs) and artworks, there are many undesirable phenomena and problems that seriously harm the healthy growth of minors on some online cultural platforms, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors in cyberspace, the following working opinions are formulated.


  • Mind leadership
  1. Strengthen ideological education. Establish and improve the training and cultivation mechanism for practitioners in the online cultural industry.
  2. Strengthen online literacy education for minors and their parents by online cultural industry entities, and supervise online cultural products and service providers to adopt scientific and reasonable ways to prevent and intervene in minors' addiction to the Internet.


  • Responsibility of market entities
  1. Strengthen user identification. Online cultural industry entities should improve the ability to identify user accounts of minors without real-name verification through methods such as user viewing content analysis and behavioral characteristics research and judgment. Online cultural service providers shall not provide account registration services of live webcast publishers for minors under the age of 16, minors over the age of 16 to provide registration services should be verified in accordance with the ID information and consent of their guardians.
  2. Strictly protect personal information. Upon receiving notification from a minor who has been cyberbullying or his/her parents or other guardians, the necessary measures should be taken in a timely manner to stop the cyberbullying and prevent the spread of information.
  3. Firmly block harmful contents. Improve the professionality and effectiveness of manual auditing, timely and powerful blocking and cleaning of harmful contents involving evil, pornography, illegal proselytizing, dangerous behavior and bad values. Prohibit live broadcast rooms from luring minors to access harmful contents by displaying vulgar pictures, suggestive messages and private contact information such as phone numbers, WeChat numbers and QR codes.
  4. Strictly prohibit using Internet famous children for profit-making. Control the participation of minors in online performances, the solo appearances of minors or appearances by adults with more than a certain duration and recognized as using minors to accumulate popularity and profit by live rooms or short video accounts, or accounts that take the use of child models to attract attention or make profit with goods, shall be seriously punished.
  5. Effectively regulate the monetary rewards, must not induce minor users for consumption.
  6. Continuously optimize function settings. Set up protection mechanisms such as password lock, time lock, consumption limit, behavior tracking and uninstall and reinstall inheritance (anti-bypass) for minors users, so as to prevent loopholes like theft, fraudulent use and borrowed accounts in time.


  • Industrial supervision
  1. Open up reporting channels and encourage online cultural enterprises to launch special reporting portals related to the protection of minors.
  2. Increase credit supervision. For the defaulted entities in cultural industry due credit management will be implemented, the defaulted information will be used as a reference basis for relevant administrative management and public services.


  • Optimization of online content construction

Enrich the supply of high-quality contents. Explore cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions, cultural and museum institutions and art galleries to create high-quality contents that are suitable for the age of minors and meet their growth needs.


  • Industrial self-discipline
  1. Actively carry out ethical reviews, unethical personnel and enterprises and practitioners that condone illegal and unethical behaviors should be jointly boycotted by the industry in a timely manner.
  2. Regulate the management of online performers. Establish a cross-platform linkage disposal mechanism, online performers who post audio or video containing serious violations, contrary to public order and morality and with bad social impact should be warned.


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