10 Principles for Case Execution by the People's Court Featured

Monday, 22 November 2021 08:17

The Supreme People's Court issued the "Ten Musts" principals for the case execution, which should be strictly observed by all people' courts in the future.


  1. Must strengthen the awareness of politics and purposes, build political loyalty, practice and implement for the people, and strictly prohibit the improper conducts;


  1. Must strengthen the sense of discipline and law, strictly adhere to the rules and disciplines, strictly prohibit slackness of governance, neglect of duty, using power for personal gain and corruptible implementation;


  1. Must strictly comply with the "Three Regulations", prohibit improper interaction with the parties concerned, lawyers, and irregular interference over the cases;


  1. Must be efficient and fair, strictly prohibit negative, delayed and selective execution;


  1. Must be standardized and civilized, strictly prohibit illegal assessment and auction, excessive seizure, and disorderly execution;


  1. Must strictly control the standards of closing cases that have no property available for execution, and strictly prohibit the closure of cases by way of ending the current execution without completing the execution measures, and failure to resume the execution in a timely manner;


  1. Must fully implement the management model of "one case, one account" for the money to be executed, and complete the issuance of the money within fifteen working days if the conditions for issuance are satisfied, and the retention, misappropriation and overdue issuance are also forbidden;


  1. Must handle immediately while receiving, record every cases, response to all matters, strictly forbid perfunctory and idle procedures;


  1. Must deepen the opening execution, pushing information in real time at key nodes, and strictly ban backroom operations;


  1. Must enhance the supervision and control of the executive power, consciously accept the supervision of all aspects, and strictly forbid arbitrary and abuse of power.


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