Shanghai New policy on printing and distributing the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Forms and Models of Foreign Trade in Shangha Featured

Wednesday, 20 October 2021 09:34

Shanghai will create a hub for innovation and development of offshore trade. To support commercial banks to independently decide the types of transaction documents for RMB offshore economic and trade business and foreign exchange offshore trade business with real and legitimate transaction basis and commercial rationality and logic.

Shanghai will encourage the development of green remanufacturing, allow specific categories of overseas remanufactured products to be subject to import management as new products, and study and promote the remanufacturing of used mechanical and electrical products prohibited from import, such as key auto engine parts and high-end medical equipment.

Shanghai will further support enterprises in the comprehensive bonded zone to carry out bonded maintenance business, and strive to expand the range of maintenance products in the comprehensive bonded zone. Enterprises in the PILOT FREE trade zone will be supported to carry out bonded maintenance services in accordance with the comprehensive bonded zone maintenance product catalogue. On the premise of controllable risks, support key enterprises outside the special customs supervision area to carry out bonded maintenance business with high technology content, high added value and in line with environmental protection requirements. Work certificate pilot scope, support related goods under preferential trade, other countries (regions) import benefit.

To give full play to the policy advantages of Yangshan Special comprehensive Bonded Zone, build the international transfer and consolidation service center of Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone, further simplify inbound and outbound supervision procedures, and improve the smoothness and freedom of goods circulation.

Shanghai will support international trade allocation enterprises to improve their features such as capital settlement, and increase the influence of global supply chain resource allocation.

Shanghai will support the healthy development of comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises. Support comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises to obtain advanced customs certification, enjoy differentiated convenience services in import and export customs clearance, further reduce the average inspection rate of import and export goods of enterprises with advanced customs certification of comprehensive foreign trade service.


Shanghai will strengthen the application of big data concepts and methods, and continue to promote the construction of a big data platform for cross-border trade in Shanghai. Encourage foreign trade enterprises to use the Internet data channel for digital marketing. Improve the layout of international mail exchange bureau (exchange station) and international express processing center.

Shanghai will promote the launch of china-Europe freight trains. Shanghai will support enterprises in building online marketing networks for overseas markets, and expand new channels for foreign trade enterprises to explore international markets. Cultivate local overseas warehouse enterprises. Support logistics, platforms or trading enterprises to build and share overseas warehouses, enrich the functions of overseas warehouses and expand the scope of services. Encourage overseas warehouse enterprises to connect with cross-border e-commerce public service platforms and e-commerce platforms to match supply and demand information.

Shanghai will improve policies and measures for express delivery, support overseas warehouse enterprises in establishing and improving logistics systems, extend services up and down the supply chain, and explore the development of smart overseas logistics platforms. Export commodities are supported to enter areas under special customs supervision in accordance with general trade methods and then leave the country through cross-border e-commerce.


Shanghai will improve the protection of intellectual property rights in international trade. To improve the municipal assistance mechanism for protecting intellectual property rights overseas, strengthen the administrative guidance for protecting intellectual property rights overseas of enterprises, and implement the cultivation plan for foreign-related high-end intellectual property talents. Support trade organizations in the field of new forms of foreign trade in issuing trade service standards and self-discipline conventions, and encourage the establishment of trade organizations in the field of new forms of foreign trade.


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