Promotions for High-Quality Development of Modern Vocational Education Featured

Monday, 18 October 2021 08:50

In order to consistently promote the high-quality development of modern vocational education, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Modern Vocational Education. Details are stating as follows:


The main goals of the Opinions are: By 2025, the modern vocational education system will be completed basically, and the enrollment scale of vocational undergraduate education will not be less than 10% of the enrollment scale of higher vocational education. By 2035, the overall level of vocational education will be at the forefront of the world, the social status of technically skilled personnel will be greatly upgraded, and the supply of vocational education will be highly matched with the demand of economic and social development.


Strengthen the characteristics of different types of vocational education

  • Consolidate the orientation of the types of vocational education, and promote the coordinated development of vocational education and general education according to local conditions and integration.
  • Promote the vertical integration of different levels of vocational education, improve the quality of secondary vocational education, and raise the excellence of higher vocational education.
  • Facilitate the horizontal integration of different types of education, strengthen the penetration of general education and vocational education in all learning periods, and achieve the certification, accumulation and conversion of various learning outcomes.


Improve the educational system of industry-education integration

  • Optimize the supply structure of vocational education, focus on the new professions needed by the national priority development as advanced manufacturing, new energy, new materials, modern agriculture, modern information technology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and others, and speed up the construction of professions such as pre-school, nursing, health care and housekeeping where talents are in short supply.
  • Establish a diversified pattern of education, coordinated by the government, actively organized by industries and enterprises with deep participation of social efforts.
  • Collaborate to promote the deep integration of industry and education focusing on the scale, structure and level of vocational education and human resource development.


Innovative school-enterprise cooperation mechanism

  • Enrich the forms of vocational education and carry out bilateral and multilateral technical collaboration with high-quality enterprises.
  • Expand the format and contents of school-enterprise cooperation, and optimize its policy environment. Attract the leading enterprises in the industries to cooperate in building new majors, developing new courses and carrying out training plans.


Further education and teaching reform

  • Improve teaching contents and materials, such as local characteristic materials, industry applicable materials, and school-based professional materials.
  • Perfect the quality assurance system and the supervision and evaluation methods of vocational education.


Create a brand of vocational education with Chinese characteristics

  • Enhance the level of Sino-foreign cooperation, carry out academic research, standard development and personnel exchange.
  • Explore the global cooperation and exchange platform and promote vocational education to go abroad, build a new international development mode of "Chinese + vocational skills".


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