Administrative License for Advertising Publication Registration Will Not Be Needed Featured

Monday, 27 September 2021 08:28

Administration for Market Regulation of Shanghai issued a notice on September 16th, 2021, that no longer implements the administrative license for advertising publication registration.


After this Notice, advertisers as radio stations, television stations and newspaper publishers established in accordance with the law do not need to register for advertising publication registration to carry out advertising publication activities in the future.


Advertising publishers need to legally operate in compliance with the law, effectively fulfill the legal responsibilities, and continue to do the following works:


  1. Establish a professional advertising institution.


  1. Provide advertising professionals and advertising reviewers who are familiar with advertising laws and regulations.


  1. Provide places and equipments that are suitable with the advertising publication.


  1. Establish and improve the system of undertaking registration, audit, file management and statistical reports of advertising business.


  1. In accordance with the requirements of the advertising industry statistics and reports system, fill in the "Advertising Industry Statistics and Reports Form" through the advertising statistics system on time, and report the advertising operation status to the market regulation department.


  1. In accordance with the laws and administrative regulations to check the relevant certification documents, and verify the content of the advertisement. The inconsistent content or incomplete certification document of the advertisement shall not be published. Goods and services whose production or sale is prohibited by law or administrative regulations, or whose advertising is prohibited, shall not be published.


  1. Disclose standards and measures for fees and charges.


  1. Run public service advertisements as required.


  1. Strengthen the training and promotion of advertising laws and regulations for advertising professionals.


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