Circular of the Ministry of Commerce on furthering the key work of Promoting Consumption in the current commercial field Featured

Wednesday, 22 September 2021 08:40

Consumption is an important engine driving economic growth and a direct reflection of people’s needs for a better life. Since 2021, the consumer market has shown a steady recovery on the whole, but the recovery is uneven and the foundation is not solid. Since late July, the spread of COVID-19 in China has brought new impacts on the consumer market. In order to seize the favorable opportunity of the peak consumption season at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, and on the basis of the implementation of various normal epidemic prevention and control measures, solid progress will be made in promoting consumption in the business sector, so as to ensure that consumption in the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022 runs within a reasonable range, and better serve the construction of a new development pattern, the notice is hereby made as follows:


Promote new car consumption. Move faster to shift the management of automobiles from purchase to use, and support the accelerated development of new energy vehicles. Increase second-hand car consumption. Encourage second-hand car distribution enterprises to develop brand and chain operations, and promote innovation in circulation models. Support qualified enterprises in developing second-hand automobile export business and expand the export scale of second-hand automobiles in an orderly manner. Promote consumption of household appliances, furniture and home decoration. Accelerate the improvement of waste household appliances recycling and processing system; guide consumers to increase their awareness of the safe use of home appliances, energy conservation and environmental protection, and replace old home appliances in a timely manner. Promote the quality and upgrading of catering services. Encourage catering enterprises to enrich and upgrade dishes, improve service levels and innovate business models. Promote green and low-carbon development of the catering industry.


Accelerate the development of new types of consumption. Develop new forms of business, new models and new scenarios. Support traditional commercial enterprises in accelerating digital and smart transformation and cross-border integration, encourage the development of smart stores, contactless delivery and home delivery services, and promote wider and deeper integration of online and offline services. Promote the healthy development of online consumption. Promote brand quality consumption. Encourage business districts, pedestrian streets and large commercial circulation enterprises to introduce the first store, flagship store and experience store of domestic and foreign brands, and carry out new product debut, fashion week, brand show, creative exhibition and other activities. Strengthen green and circular consumption. Promote the creation of green shopping malls. Expend import consumption. Promote the healthy, sustained, innovative development of cross-border e-commerce imports.


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