Food Safety Information Traceability Pilot Program among the Yangtze River Delta Region Featured

Thursday, 09 September 2021 08:12

The Administrations for Market Regulation of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui have worked together about the “food safety information traceability pilot program” for health food production and operation enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region achieving the traceable source, destination and accountability of health food, and controlling food safety risks strictly.


The goal of this cooperative program is that, food production and operation enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region involved in the pilot should fulfill their food safety information traceability obligations, establish a food safety traceability system, use informatization technology to ensure the authenticity and integrity of food safety traceability information, and upload the traceability information to the information platform. In 2021, achieve the goal of 100% traceability coverage and information upload rate, consumers can easily check the health food traceability information in the Yangtze River Delta region. In 2022, expand the pilot scope of health food production enterprises and achieve the sharing of traceability information.


Relevant Administrations for Market Regulation shall select 2 to 3 health food production enterprises to carry out the pilot by the end of September of 2021, and each pilot enterprise shall select 2 to 3 pilot varieties. Also, relevant Administrations for Market Regulation shall select 2 to 3 health food operation enterprises for the pilot before the end of March of 2022, at least 1 pilot variety(s) and 1 non-pilot variety(s) of health food shall be selected.


As for enterprise management, production enterprises shall strictly implement the production quality management system and control the process to ensure the traceable production, implement the purchase inspection system to ensure the traceable operation, and provide consumers with real, complete and timely traceability information tracking services.


As for platform technology, food safety traceability system can be built by the production and operation of enterprises, or the use of government-built system, or the use of third-party technical institution services. The information shall be uploaded within 24 hours after the production or delivery of due health food.


As for information traceability technology, the information standards in the self-built traceability system shall include the general requirements of traceability, data elements, data interfaces and identifiers, to ensure the uniqueness of the traceability object identification and the effective connection between the identification of each link.


QR code for traceability shall be printed or pasted on the outer package before the health food products distribute to the market. The traceability form of "one product, one code" or "one variety, one code" can be chose, or “one transaction, one code” when supplying to downstream operation enterprises.


The contents of the traceability information shall include 1) basic information: enterprise information (as name and address of the enterprise), product information (as category and shelf life), material Information (as name and specification of material); 2) dynamic information: product production information (production batch and production quantity), product sales information (date of sale and name of purchaser), material purchase information (name and address of the supplier).


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