The “Decentralization-Control-Service” Reform of Market Entities Featured

Tuesday, 27 July 2021 10:00

In order to create a market-oriented and international business environment, cultivate and stimulate the vitality of market entities and social creativity, the State Council arranged an online meeting about the “Decentralization-Control-Service” reform of market entities on July 11th, 2021. Main contents are stating below:


First is to face the needs of market entities, innovative the implementation of macro policies and deepen the "Decentralization-Control-Service" reform. Normalized direct mechanism of financial funds and direct monetary policy would be implemented. Increase the supplies of infrastructure as water, electricity, gas, heat, transportation and telecommunication, and improve the quality and level of due services. Strengthen the protection measures of compulsory education, basic medical care and basic housing, and also improve the system of unemployment protection and the basic rights and interests of flexibly employed persons.


Second is to create a market-oriented business environment. Promote enterprise-related approvals to reduce processes, materials, time limits and costs, deepen the "separation of license and certificate" reform, and revise the new version of the market access “Negative List”. Promote the full coverage of fair competition review, and regulate the management of monopoly and unfair competition. Improve regulatory rules, improve the cross-sectoral integrated supervision, the "Internet + supervision" and the credit risk classification supervision. Promote the standardization and facilitation of government services, and also promote the "cross-provincial access" for those high-frequency issues like settlement of medical treatment, vehicle testing and notary services.


Third is to form a business environment in accordance with the law. Establish and improve the regulation system for the business environment and the long-term mechanism such as prevention and settlement of arrears of small-and-medium-sized enterprises. Comprehensively protect all types of property rights, and strictly implement the punitive compensation system for the infringement of intellectual property right. Strictly standardize the fair and civilized law enforcement, from the source to clean up the disorderly charges, fines and stall.


Fourth is to create an international business environment. Strengthen the connection with relevant international rules, and implement the higher standard rules in trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. Sound foreign investment promotion and service system, reduce and improve the “Negative List” of foreign investment access, and facilitate high-level foreign talent with innovation to work in China. Optimize the environment for foreign trade development, clarify and standardize port charges, and put more supports on small-and-medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in credit and insurance.


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