Implementation Plan on Promoting Commercial Digitalization Transformation in Shanghai (2021-2023) Featured

Wednesday, 21 July 2021 08:10

In order to fit the new types of consumer demands and promote commercial circulation innovation, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce has issued this Implementation Plan on Promoting Commercial Digitalization Transformation in Shanghai (2021-2023). About six main directions are mentioned in this Implementation Plan listing as follows by Dongjin:


  1. Strengthen the cultivation of market entities. Accelerate the digital innovation of physical commercial enterprises and promote the ability for intelligent business operation. Cultivate leading commercial digital enterprises in the fields of integrated department stores, bulk commodities, fresh food, living services, industrial products and agricultural products. Support cross-border e-commerce building shared overseas warehouses for logistics enterprises, e-commerce platforms and trade enterprises. Encourage the digitalization transformation of long-established enterprises, and support cooperation between long-established, e-commerce platforms and third-party technology suppliers. Support e-commerce platforms to integrate resources and form 100 new local brands with characteristics and influence.


  1. Promote the construction of digital carriers. Build the demonstration areas for digitalization transformation. Upgrade the e-commerce demonstration parks and build 30 distinctive e-commerce parks and bases with domestic and international influences. Create public platforms, take the "5-5 Shopping Festival" as an important carrier to promote the online and offline digitalization upgrading.


  1. Accelerate the innovation of applications. Construct about 10 national digital shopping districts and shopping streets. Release the “breakfast map” to promote the integration development of online and offline “intelligent breakfast”. Carry out pilot for intelligent food market, systematically improve the management level and the ability for supply maintaining. Support exhibition enterprises to cooperate with Internet and cloud service enterprises, cultivate about 2 to 3 new exhibition enterprises with "cloud exhibition" as their main business, guide 100 international high-quality brands to carry out online operation, and build 3 to 4 intelligent arenas with high intelligence. Build a smart supply chain ecosystem to reach RMB 2 trillion Yuan for online transaction by the year of 2023. Create 10 leading live e-commerce platforms and gather a number of live e-commerce service institutions with industry influence.


  1. Strengthen digital technology support. Enhance the application ability for digital technology. Carry out pilot applications for E-CNY. Support the development of digital commerce service enterprises and the construction of e-commerce innovation centers. Strengthen data security in commerce and enhance the ability to protect important data resources and personal information.


  1. Improve digital infrastructure. Optimize the layout of urban logistics and distribution network, and form the efficient, convenient and green trade logistics network. Build an intelligent end distribution system covering 15-minute community living circles and residential areas. Encourage the development of intelligent retail terminals as smart vending machines, smart beverage machines and smart recycling stations.


  1. Optimize the digital ecological environment. Build the regulatory platforms and implement supervision of the risk and credit rating status of market entities. Establish a digital public service platform for business credit governance. Strengthen bilateral regulatory cooperation in cross-border e-commerce, promote the sharing of regulatory information with overseas entry ports. Innovate operation regulation and monitoring system, and also focus on research and talent cultivation.


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