Instruction on the Promotion of Blockchain Application Featured

Monday, 28 June 2021 09:45

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the State Council has issued an instruction on May 27th, 2021 in order to promote the new generation of integrated information and technology development between blockchain and the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, and build an advanced blockchain industrial system. Details as follows:


The main goal for this instruction is, by the year of 2025, the comprehensive strength of the blockchain industry shall reach the advanced level in the world and the industry has begun to take a preliminary shape; and by the year of 2030, the comprehensive strength of the blockchain industry shall continually keep improving, the scale of the industry would be further expanded, and achieve universal application in all fields.


The first task is to focus on the real economy, deepen the integrated application and support digital transformation and high-quality industrial development. Those relevant issues as supply chain management, product traceability and data sharing shall be strengthened in the same time.


The second task is to upgrade the public services. Promote innovation for applications and support the transparency, equality and precision of public services. Establish a government data sharing platform based on blockchain technology in public service fields such as education, employment, medical treatment, health care and public assistance, and a new digital credible certification mechanism in the fields of judicial deposit, real estate registration and administrative law enforcement.


The third task is to keep the industrial bases tight and firm. Accelerate the formulation of key and urgently needed standards, and actively participate in the global standardization activities and the blockchain rule-making of international standards. Strengthen technical breakthroughs in key areas and build the underlying platform of blockchain. Cultivate brands with high quality, raise the generation development efficiency, and develop the third-party quality evaluation services. Highlight the network security, establish a risk prevention and control mechanism and a cooperative protection for intellectual property, and also relevant technical prevention measures.


The fourth task is to build a modern industrial chain. Promote the production development of blockchain and raise the innovation level of those productions. Cultivate a series of blockchain enterprises with global competitiveness. Local governments are encouraged to plan characteristic parks and zones for blockchain enterprises. Improve the industrial chain and build it in a modern way.


The fifth task is to push a comprehensive development with new technical modes as “blockchain + industrial network”, “blockchain + big data”, “blockchain + cloud calculation” and “blockchain + artificial intelligence”.


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