Construction Plan for the Development of the Aging Industry in Shanghai Featured

Wednesday, 23 June 2021 09:48

Population aging is the unstoppable trend for social development. Shanghai is the first city that enters the aging society, and also the city with the highest degree of aging population in China. National and urban development strategies have brought new opportunities for the aging industry and promote the profound transformation as scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. In order to solve this difficulty, the new construction plan has been made for the development of the aging industry in Shanghai for the upcoming five years.

Counterpoise social wealth reserves and improve the aging social security system into a fairer, more sustainable and reasonably structured way. Improve the endowment insurance like personal saving insurance and business insurance, and encourage carrying out inclusive finance for aged people and aging industry. Improve the medical insurance like commercial health insurance, and encourage commercial insurance institutions to develop comprehensive health insurance products and services including healthcare, rehabilitation, and care. Establish a long-term care and security system to meet diversified needs, support the promotion of commercial insurance companies to participate in long-term care insurance handling, and encourage insurance institutions to issue commercial long-term care insurance products.

Upgrade the aging services towards a more adequate, more balanced, high-quality and accurate direction. Strengthen the supply for care service facilities, make full use of existing factories, office houses, commercial facilities, training and nursing institutions and other social resources into aging service facilities. Promote the integrated development of aging care services, rural tourism and the development of green agricultural products. We will improve the environment for old-age care services. We will improve the comprehensive supervision system for old-age care services, improve scientific evaluation mechanisms for grading, daily quality monitoring, and credit grading of elderly care service institutions, and strengthen the bottom-line safety control of fire control, food and hygiene in the old-age care service industry. Improve the comprehensive supervision system for aging services and the evaluation mechanism for those service institutions, and control the bottom line of safety.

Build a more convenient, higher-quality, comprehensive and continuous health service system for the aging group. Improve health services, encourage private capital to set up rehabilitation hospitals and nursing institutions. Let Internet be part of the aging service model. Deepen the combination of medical care and nursing care, support the society to set care institutions through market-oriented business operation.

Raise the financial support for the innovation development of aging industry. The list of supporting policies and measures and investment guidelines for the aging industry would be regularly published, and supports for enterprises and projects such as care services and biomedicine would be increased. Activate the market demand for aging products like e-commerce and retails, and expand new consumption areas such as tourism, cultural, medical and health care.

Strengthen the scientific and technological support to actively handle the question of aging population. Focus on technological innovation in key areas and accelerate the popularization of intelligent equipments as service robots and rehabilitation robots. Promote the application of smart aging care, set up interconnected and perceived intelligent facilities to improve the intelligent level of products suitable for the aging people. Strengthen relevant scientific research for the aging industry and support related technologies and products.

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