Promotions for High-quality Development of Biomedical Industry Featured

Thursday, 27 May 2021 12:12

In order to promote the leading function for biomedical industry and build an innovation highland for biomedical industry with global impact, Shanghai government has issued some suggestions on the high-quality development for biomedical field within Shanghai city.


The main goal is to build a whole supporting system for all industry chains as “Research-Development-Clinic-Manufacturing-Application”. Let the annual industrial output of biomedical manufacturing reach RMB 180 billion after three years. The supporting ranges include drugs, high-end medical devices and advanced equipments and materials. Units registered within the city and engaged in research and development, production and professional services in the fields of drugs, medical devices, biological technology and life science research instruments.


Raise the innovation capacity. There shall be a national strategic platform for scientific and technological innovation based on key units. The frontiers of life science, as well as the prevention and control of major infectious diseases and biosafety shall be focused on.


Ensure the supports for production research and development. For innovative drugs, provide no more than 40% of the research and development investment, with the maximum of RMB 5 million, 10 million and 30 million respectively according to different clinical trial stages; the cumulative support amount of each unit shall not exceed RMB 100 million. For improved new drugs, provide no more than 20% of the research and development investment, with the maximum of RMB 5 million and 10 million respectively; the accumulative amount of support for each unit shall not exceed 20 million. For innovative medical devices, the medical device products entering the special review procedure, provide no more than RMB 2 million of financial support; the annual accumulative support amount of each unit shall not exceed RMB 15 million. Also, promote the facilitation of customs clearance for research and development items and other special items, support the development of overseas markets, and provide no more than 30% of the investment and a one-time financial support at the maximum of RMB 10 million.


Strengthen the transformation of clinical research and the coordination between clinics and enterprises, strengthen the incentive for the transformation of clinical research achievements, establish the hospital ethics cooperation and review, improve the clinical research supporting platform, and enhance the ability of integration innovation.


Build the brand of "Developed in Zhangjiang + Made in Shanghai". Modernize the industrial chain and provide no more than 30% of the newly-approved investment with the maximum of RMB 15 million. Promote the digital, intelligent and green transformation of manufacturing industries, provide no more than 20% of the approved total project investment or contract amount with the maximum of RMB 10 million, no more than 10% of the approved project investment with the maximum of RMB 50 million. Promote new models as contract research and production organization, provide 20% of the first transaction contract amount up to RMB 5 million and up to RMB 10 million per year for one single enterprise. Also, orderly improve industrial spatial carrying capacity, optimize the access management of biomedical, and promote characteristic development and joint cooperation of different parks.


Accelerate the application promotion of innovative products, like optimizing the admission process, supporting application demonstration, setting trial to purchase services for artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis system, and strengthening the support for the application of the medical insurance.


These suggestions would be effective from the date of June 1st, 2021 to May 31st, 2024.


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