Measures on Consumption Promotion in Shanghai Featured

Monday, 10 May 2021 12:30

Multiple measures have been raised in order to promote consumption under the epidemic prevention and control, make every effort to build the brand of "Shanghai shopping", and accelerate the construction of the central city of international consumption. Details as follows:


  1. The “May Shopping Festival”: A number of landmark activities shall be promoted, support and encourage all market entities to hold various characteristic promotional activities to continually enhance the global influence and radiation.
  2. Expansion of high-end consumption: Support brands to open more high-end flagship stores and experience stores in Shanghai, support China headquarters of international brands upgrading to Asia-Pacific headquarters even global headquarters. Explore the simplification of customs clearance, commodity inspection and Chinese label regulatory requirements for qualified seasonal cosmetics products.
  3. Global new launch: Financial support shall be given for the first-launch brand store, the first-launch event, first-launch brand exhibition. Encourage the economic demonstration area to create favorable conditions for new launch, first-launch exhibition and first-launch store of domestic and oversea brand.
  4. Local brand influence: Create a promotion platform to increase the brand propaganda of "Made in Shanghai". Give funds and publicity resources for local well-known brands as supports. Innovate products and sales mode of old brands and deepen the cooperation between old brands and e-commerce platforms.
  5. Bulk stock: Carry out old for new services on car, and give appropriate subsidies to some individual consumers. Expand the consumption of information products as medium-and-high-end mobile communication terminal, smart home and service robot.
  6. Commercial digital transformation: Support the development of digital marketing, explore the construction of public information service platform. Create demonstration areas, demonstration enterprises and demonstration projects, and support those projects with demonstration leading role.
  7. Digitalization of life services: Promote the organic integration and interaction for new consumption forms and modes, such as online education, online medical care, online entertainment, online tourism, contactless distribution and unmanned retail and also support the digital transformation of life services as catering and domestic services.
  8. Consumption import as cross-border e-commerce: Keep multi-channel introduction of foreign high-quality goods and services, expand imports of cosmetics, pet food, clothing and child products. Simplify the record requirements of cross-border e-commerce imports, and continuously improve the level of trade facilitation.
  9. Linkage consumption between exhibition, business, travel and sports: Integrate major activities information about key exhibition halls, commercial streets, tourist attractions and sports arenas, improve the supporting program to create a deep integration of consumption scene and demonstration project.
  10. Modern business circulation infrastructure: Improve the intelligent business logistics, deepen the construction of logistics standardization.
  11. Financial support: Financial institutions are encouraged to increase financial support to the main bodies of the trade industry, especially small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, and to increase mortgage-free and guarantee-free credit loans.
  12. Optimization of consumption environment: Integrate multi-channel and all-round follow-up reports on promotion activities, policy highlights and work results on traditional and new media, and lead the healthy consumption concept.


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