Extension for Opening Pilot in Service Industry in Shanghai Featured

Tuesday, 27 April 2021 08:36

According to the State’s Council, Shanghai is now one of the comprehensive opening pilot cities for service industry. Corresponding work plan has been made for three-year outlook to ensure the leading position for Shanghai as a pilot city with opener market environment and more effective supervision.


The pilot for service industry would mainly focus on eight key industry fields as technology, business, logistics, finance, health and medical cares, education, tourism and telecom. The access limitation of these fields would be cataloged and loosen.


The first task is to deepen the reforms in key industries. As for technology, the financing mechanism for intellectual property rights need to be explored and improved, and pilot of enterprise patent insurance need to be carried out. As for business, the recording of business franchise license would be cancelled. As for logistics, foreign ships with international term could operate coastal shipping for foreign trade containers within Yangshan Port as the international transit port. As for education, introduce oversea textbooks of science, technology, agriculture and medical science which would reflect profession and frontier of the industries. As for finance, support qualified foreign-funded institutions to establish or participate in companies for securities, fund management, futures, life insurance and pension management in Shanghai. As for health and medical cares, support eligible enterprises to carry out research projects on clinical frontier medical technology of stem cells. As for tourism, wholly foreign-owned travel agencies (besides Taiwan Region) established in Shanghai are allowed to conduct outbound tourism business for Chinese citizens on a pilot basis. As for telecom, keep further opening up for value-added telecommunication services, explore the establishment of a website filing system to meet the needs of overseas customers.


The second task is to focus on the Hongqiao Business Area and Pudong Software Park, and promote the demonstrating functions of them. The innovation policies during the China International Import EXPO will be solidified into regular institutional arrangements. Financial institutions are encouraged to provide cross-border financial services to enterprises and non-residents in Hongqiao Business Area and support RMB cross-border trade financing and refinancing. Explore the establishment of the international Internet data dedicated channel between the Hongqiao Business Area and the international communication access. Develop leading industries as integrated circuits, digital culture, artificial intelligence and information security, actively layout emerging areas as 3D printing and big data, accelerate the gathering of numbers of digital service enterprises with global influence.


The third task is to optimize the system and mechanism for opening development of service industry. Eliminate administrative barriers, speed up the decentralization of government, constantly optimize the business environment, and explore the advantages of innovative development system. For instances, delegate the business as license of the operators registered in Shanghai for the transport of international passenger ships and bulk liquid dangerous goods vessels to the competent Transportation Department of Shanghai. Complete the functions of government services on the platform of “Government Online-Offline Shanghai” and operate the construction of digital business environment.


The fourth task is to strengthen the protection policies. Promote facilitation for trade and investment, optimize the protection for talents, strengthen intellectual property rights and data protection, and improve the regulatory system and strengthen risk prevention while expanding openness. For instances, the pilot managing mode for negative list of cross-border service trade, and the loosen access limitation of service trade market.


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