New Revision on Registration of Foreign Enterprises Producing Imported Food Featured

Monday, 19 April 2021 13:52

The latest version of the Provisions on the Administration of Registration of Foreign Enterprises Producing Imported Food has been revised on the date of April 12th, 2021. Details are summarized below by Dongjin:


  1. All the foreign enterprises producing imported food shall all obtain the registration approval from the General Administration of Customs.


  1. The enterprises which are brought in the Provisions are separated into two types, one is the enterprise that needs recommendation for registration, and another is the enterprise that could be self-registered.


  1. There are four basic preconditions for registration, first is to pass the evaluation and examination for National Food Security Management System, second is to obtain the approval from local authority and under its supervision, third is to fit the Chinese requirements for the management of the enterprise, and fourth is to meet due requirements of CIQ.


  1. Documents which would be needed for registration include: application form, business license, Declaration of Conformity. Also, for those enterprises which may need recommendation for registration, documents provided by the authority may include: official Recommendation Letter, official Declaration of Conformity, official examination report and limited other documents.


  1. There are some special cases while the registration application would not be accepted for relevant enterprise, as serious situation of disease or public health was found during the CIQ process.


  1. Evaluation and examination methods for registration include: examination for written documents, examination through video, examination at the scene, and etc.


  1. The result of this registration would be noted into the Registration List and the enterprise would obtain a registration number within China, the effectiveness period of this number would be 5 years.


  1. After the registration, some issues may occur as the reexamination by Chinese authority, official supervision from the situated country, timely change and continuity, order to rectification and reform, suspending for export, and order to deregistration or cancellation. Relevant enterprise needs to carry out due operation for these issues according to its current statement.


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