Special Supports for Hainan Free Trade Port to Extend Market Access Featured

Friday, 16 April 2021 08:37

In order to further support Hainan to create the market access system and market environment for free trade port with Chinese characteristics, promote the free and convenient flow of production, and build the free trade port with high quality and standards, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce have published several suggestions on these issues. Details as follows:


Ⅰ Innovate the market access for medical and health care

  • Support the sale of Internet drug-prescription. Set up “Hainan Electronic Prescription Center” to provide third-party information services, achieve the unified collection of prescription-related information and online application for issues as prescription drug purchase, information security certification and medical insurance settlement.
  • Support the innovation and development for local high-end medical equipment in Hainan and encourage those domestic productions.
  • Increase the market access for drug. Optimize the environment for drug research and development, testing, production and application, encourage pharmaceutical enterprises and drug research and development institutions to develop innovative and improved new drugs in Hainan.
  • Comprehensively reduce the access restrictions for contract research organizations (CRO). Medical institutions are encouraged to cooperate with CROs to improve the technical ability and quality management of clinical trials for medical institutions.
  • Support the development of high-end medical beauty industry. Encourage well-known medical beauty institutions to settle, promote the medical beauty tourism, introduce and organize international and specialized exhibitions, summits and forums for medical and beauty industry.
  • Optimize the whole field access and development environment of transplant science. Set up international research center for transplant science to optimize the access environment for new drugs, testing reagents, genetic technology and medical devices, clear the market access for research, registration, production and use.
  • Set up mixed reform fund for medical health industry. It shall be contributed by social capital and shall be market-oriented, and the CSRC shall support the listing, merger, acquisition and restructuring of strategic key enterprises.


Optimize market access and developing environment for finance

  • Support security, insurance and fund in Hainan. Encourage multiple types of commercial insurance and pension finance as medical health and long-term care.
  • Strengthen data and information sharing and carry out pilots of the whole agricultural industry chain. Using information methods as geographic information system (GIS) to obtain data of lands and crops, introduce the third-party organization to take risk assessment and credit evaluation.


Extend the access and prosperity for culture

  • Construct the “Hainan International Cultural Relics and Art Trading Center”. Encourage domestic and foreign well-known auction agencies to carry out business, forming a comparative advantage in transaction costs. Policies shall be given in customs clearance convenience, bonded goods supervision, and warehousing logistics.
  • Encourage the development of cultural performing arts. Implement the incentive supporting policies for international competitive cultural industry, and encourage new technologies as 5G, VR and AR to take the lead.
  • Develop online game industry. Explore to put the pilot approval authority of domestic online game down to Hainan.
  • Extend the access for cultural relics industry. Set up notification and commitment management for examination and approval, and support the establishment of market-oriented cultural relics restoration, protection and appraisal research institutions.


Promote extending access and resource convergence in education

  • Universities are encouraged to transform scientific research achievements in Hainan. Universities may participate in industrial investment funds in line with the national strategy through the transfer of license and the purchase of shares.
  • Establish the international colleges in Hainan, which would mainly accept excellent international students from the "Belt and Road" nations.
  • Vigorously develop vocational education. Deepen the cooperation between universities and enterprises, and encourage social groups to hold vocational education.


Extend market access in other fields

  • High-quality development in commercial aerospace industry. Build the Wenchang Space Launch Site into the international-leading and market-oriented position, and optimize due approval procedures for international cooperation.
  • Civil aviation. Establish hierarchical management and technical standards and support new technology applications as 5G security communication. Encourage social capital to invest in general aviation, aviation oil security and aircraft maintenance services.
  • Build a national sports tourism demonstration area and encourage the development of outdoor projects as beach sports and water sports.
  • Simplify the examination and approval process for crops and Chinese herbal medicines.
  • New energy vehicle charging and switching infrastructure construction and operation, mainly for 5G integrated products and services, driverless, fast charging and switching, new energy vehicles, batteries, etc.
  • Pilot development of rural tourism and leisure agriculture innovation. Improve the quality of rural tourism and increase farmers' income.


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