Digital Upgrade and Transformation of Applications for Enterprises Featured

Monday, 12 April 2021 10:01

A special reform on digital upgrade of “Government Online-offline Shanghai” for enterprises is now coming out. This reform aims to build a new pattern of digital service system with more comprehensive capability, more convenient process and wider application, accelerate the whole digital transformation and keep raising the digital service quality for enterprises. Detail main tasks would be stated below:


  1. Enrich the services based on the “Government Online-offline Shanghai” for enterprises. Actively expand the application scope of paperless electronic registration, upgrade due functions on the “Government Online-offline Shanghai” system and push the digital transformation for establishment registration of enterprises. Enhance the service function of the “Government Online-offline Shanghai” as “self report + intelligent screening”, efficiently reduce manual review. Promote the commitment for enterprise name declaration combined with business scope to standardize the registration. Vigorously popularize the electronic business license, electronic seal and electronic invoice for enterprise establishment, they could be automatically applied, formed and issued through the “Government Online-offline Shanghai” under only one application form within one time.


  1. Maximum the digital services and achieve data sharing and business cooperation with bigger scope and deeper level. Provide national identification verification of market entity for the “Government Online-offline Shanghai” through electronic business license application, and gradually fulfill the whole-process online application for change registration for enterprises under the usage of electronic signature and electronic seal. Increase the data sharing of electronic business license, provide electronic business license inquiry, archiving and verification for enterprise banking business, promote commercial banks to use electronic business license as enterprise identity certificate for account-opening business, so that the enterprise would not need to submit the original or photocopy of the paper business license.


  1. Promote the optimization and reconfiguration of business processes and rules supported by enterprise-related data sharing application. Applicant may use one form (synchronously apply for invoice, employee employment insurance registration and housing provident fund) or take steps (after obtaining business license, continue to apply for invoice, employee employment insurance registration and housing provident fund) to establish the enterprise, both method could receive invoices and free tax Ukey on the day of the application, employee employment insurance registration and housing provident fund could process online without submitting paper materials or paper vouchers. While handling employee employment insurance registration and housing provident fund, there is no need to sign withholding tripartite agreement, declare registration payment and collect bank account information. Fully implement the reform of the national and municipal social insurance fee collection system, all the social insurance premiums of enterprise employees shall be collected by the tax department after the establishment of the enterprise.


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