Suggestion on High-quality Development on Manufacturing Services Featured

Monday, 29 March 2021 08:20

Manufacturing service industry is the important support for enhancing the product competitiveness and comprehensive strength of manufacturing. At present, supply quality of China's manufacturing services is not high enough, and also lack of specialization and socialization. In order to push the high-quality development on manufacturing services, 13 departments have issued together this Suggestion, focusing on key chains and fields to lead the transformation, upgrade and quality-raising for manufacturing. The main developing goal is to enhance the role and highlight the supporting and leading position of manufacturing service industry till the year of 2025.


  • Directions for development in the future

Raise the innovation of manufacturing industry, and also the advance for industry foundation and modernization level for supply chain.

Optimize the supply quality. Professional service institutions are encouraged to actively participate in manufacturing brand-building and marketing to enhance the brand effect and market competitiveness.

Improve the production efficiency and vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing by using new information technology as 5G, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and block chain.

Support green development, strengthen energy saving and environmental protection, carry out recycling and utilization, and maximize the economic value and social value for products.

Enhance the vitality of development. Make full use of various finances, increase more development, opening and sharing of data resources, and promote the digital transformation of manufacturing industry.

Promote the innovative and intelligent application of manufacturing supply chain in key industries, and consolidate the competitiveness of the core links.


  • Special tasks for development of manufacturing services

For cultivates on entities of manufacturing service industry as new industrial service platforms or social organizations, it’s encouraged to carry out collaborative research, resource sharing and application of results.

For pilot of integrated demonstration, further promote the pilots of the integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, select and cultivate some service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises, platforms, projects and cities.

For cultivation of China’s manufacturing brands, propagate Chinese brands and promote domestic products, and further spread the concept of brand development in the whole society.

For intelligent transformation, formulate a road map for digital transformation in key industries and revise the national standards for intelligent manufacturing.

For capability of R&D design, support scientific and technological enterprises to establish new R&D institutions in cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions.

For green transformation, raise the due levels in industries as steel, petrochemical, chemical, non-ferrous, building materials, textile, paper and leather.

For innovation and development of manufacturing supply chain, carry out comprehensive evaluations on synergy, security, stability and competitiveness, and encourage enterprises to actively participate in the global network for supply chain.

For standard construction of manufacturing service industry, due attention shall be paid in the fields as information technology, science and technology, finance, service outsourcing, after-sales service, human resources, modern logistics, modern supply chain and facilities management.

For capacity of manufacturing measurement, a national modern and advanced measurement system shall be set to improve the overall capability and level of measurement in manufacturing industry.


  • Protections and supports

Optimize the development environment. Support manufacturing service enterprises which extended from manufacturing enterprises to apply for the recognition as high-tech enterprises and advanced technology service enterprises.

Expand the opening and cooperation. Encourage the import of knowledge-and technology-intensive services, meanwhile encourage the export of professional services as supply chain management, consultation, law and accounting.

Strengthen land protection. Promote the rational transformation on different types of industrial lands to fit for the development of manufacturing services.

Support the talents. Keep deep integration between industry and education, improve the evaluation system of skilled talents and further implement the introducing policy of high-level talents.

Broaden financing channels. Guide financial institutions to increase financing support for manufacturing service enterprises, and support qualified manufacturing service enterprises to list and finance on the main board, GEM and overseas capital markets.

Construct cooperative development ecology. Strengthen cooperation between regions, promote the specialized division of labor and cooperation for large, medium and small enterprises, and build an ecological chain of innovation coordination, capacity sharing and supply chain interworking.


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