2021 “Decentralization-Control-Service” Reform of Shanghai Featured

Friday, 12 March 2021 15:03

In order to push the high-quality development, create a high-class life and provide powerful support to achieve efficient governance, Shanghai Government published the Points of Reform on “Decentralization-Control-Service” of Shanghai in 2021. Details of these 35 measures are now listing below:

Reform of administrative approval system

  1. Strictly carry out the system of list management, control managing acts as newly established administrative licenses, and dynamically adjust the lists for public service issues.
  2. Let precise decentralization to be in a normal form, increase more decentralization focusing on key fields, highlighted areas and significant reforms.
  3. Take Pudong New District as a pilot area for the reform of “one-business-one license” and gradually popularize it within the scope of the whole city, and start to reform “permit-license-separation” for all issues involving license for enterprise operation in the city.
  4. Expand the implemented ranges of information and commitment, and fully achieve the information and commitment system for proof.
  5. Regulate the approval for agent services, adjust and complete the approval list for agent services.

Further to lower the assess

  1. Deepen the reform of commercial system. Carry out the information and commitment system for the registration of enterprise name in the whole city, and expand the pilot scope of commitment reform for the registration of commercial entities.
  2. Raise the convenience for investment and construction, simplify and merge the process of investment project declaration, and cut the approval issues and conditions for engineering construction projects.
  3. Speed up the construction for significant projects, focus on significant construction project, key industrial project and important livelihood project and upgrade due driving mechanism.
  4. Improve the environment for foreign investment, execute the quality-raising plan for foreign investment and provide them with the convenient services in a whole life circle.
  5. Promote the healthier development of new industry, explore “sandbox” supervision for new modes.

Motivate market vitality and social creation

  1. Stabilize and increase the employment status, break down all kinds of unreasonable restrictions that affect employment especially new employment patterns, and promote multi-channel and flexible employment for all kinds of groups.
  2. Create the best talent development ecology, smooth the channels for overseas high-end talents to work in Shanghai, make good use of the settled policies for non-Shanghai fresh graduates, returning students and other domestic talents.
  3. Deepen the reform of scientific and technological system, and explore the ownership or long-term use right of scientific and technological achievements entrusted to scientific research personnel.
  4. Strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property rights, promote the construction of China (Shanghai) Intellectual Property Protecting Center and marketing pilot of standardization and cultivation for national intellectual property protection.
  5. Promote the implementation of the bail-out policies for helping enterprises, improve the mechanism of direct financial funds, achieve the policies of enterprise benefits, and strengthen the management of non-tax income refund.

Protection for a fair and competitive market order

  1. Improve the supervision before and after the issues, dynamically adjust the items for supervisions and keep completing the basis and ground for ruling and punishment.
  2. Give full play as the efficiency of credit supervision, implement the guidance of public credit information repair, optimize the repair process and bring it into the "Government Online-Offline Shanghai" processing.
  3. Enhance data collection in key supervision fields, expand the covered ranges of cooperative supervision for the mode as “two random, one open” based on the “Internet +supervision” system.
  4. Safeguard the bottom line for security and quality, fully apply the QR code of Shanghai intelligent elevators, and regulate those designated medical institutions and other service institutions without standardized diagnosis and treatment or with medical insurance agencies violations.
  5. Construct a pattern of social co-governance. Guide enterprises to make self-declaration of enterprise standards and improve the governance structure of trade associations.

Convenience for market entities and citizens

  1. Service processes. Try to explore the mode as a one-time, easy and fast procedure, and also encourage to provide door-to-door services for those special people.
  2. Pension care services. Promote the elderly in Shanghai to enjoy pension services as subsidies and perfect the care service system.
  3. Health care services. It’s encouraged for medical institutions to carry out services as Internet referral, Internet health consultation and remote auxiliary diagnosis. Promote mutual information recognition between different hospitals for health records and identification, electronic medical records, diagnosis and treatment information and report results.
  4. Medical insurance services. Promote cross-provincial direct settlement of outpatient expenses and online transferring process for medical insurance.
  5. Expand the supply for public legal services, try to carry out a pilot service for efficient notarization in one time.
  6. Raise the service level of public affairs, promote the application for installation, maintenance, transfer of ownership, payment and invoicing for water, electricity and gas on the Government Online-Offline Shanghai.
  7. Protect the service need from special group of people, simplify the documents and items for employment injury insurance, and reduce the processing time limit for industrial injury identification and labor capacity appraisal.

Pilot trial reform in key areas

  1. Support Pudong New District with high-level reform and opening-up, explore the integration for examination and approval management service system of key industries in the whole chain, and customize the plan for industrial development in a full package.
  2. Support the construction at Lin’gang New Area, take trial pilot as information and commitment system of investment project for enterprises, launch a number of application scenarios as credit supervision, risk supervision and inclusive prudential supervision.
  3. Support the construction of Yangtze River Delta integrated demonstration area, explore cross-provincial mutual office mode.
  4. Support the construction of the bearing area for R&D center, expand the facilitating pilot scope for the entry of special biomedicines in order, and improve the "white list" and the joint supervision mechanism.
  5. Support the construction of Hongqiao International Open Hub and turn those innovation policies during EXPO into regular institutional arrangements.

Supports and protections for reform

  1. Complete the cooperation and processing system, promote the cooperation between the “Decentralization-Control-Service” reform, the Government Online-Offline Shanghai and the optimization of business environment.
  2. Give full play to the role of demonstration and law, and timely carry out the establishment, revision, abolishment and interpretation for relevant local laws and regulations, government provisions and normative documents.
  3. Strengthen the supervision and evaluation of the reform implementation, improve the evaluation system, and force the government departments backwards to deepen the reform and improve services.

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