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Wednesday, 10 March 2021 12:12

In order to continuously create a market-oriented, legalized and internationalized business environment, strengthen the integrated system reform, continuously deepen the construction of top international business environment, and enhance the overall international competitiveness of Shanghai's business environment, this Construction Working Plan on Reforming Integrated System and Keeping Improving Top International Business Environment of Shanghai has been made due to those causes.


Continuous optimization of convenient and efficient government environment

  1. Improve the hospitality and the intelligent level of online services. Strengthen the system integration, information sharing and business cooperation, and promote the high-frequency online processing for government services.
  2. Strengthen offline integrated service and self-service. Fully implement the integrated counter services, and continue to expand the efficiency for the coverage of the reform.
  3. Promote the application of electronic seal. Strengthen the construction of public platform for electronic seal and gradually realize popular application of electronic seal in government services and business activities.
  4. Deepen the satisfaction evaluation for government services. Perfect the feedback mechanism of government services, strengthen the rectification of problems from "bad comments", and improve the level of government services.


Overall improvement of management services for enterprises

  1. Establishment and cancellation for enterprises. Optimize and upgrade the Integrated Online Platform for establishment and cancellation, optimize the processes, and strive to create the best service chains.
  2. Construction licenses. Deepen the reform of the whole process and full coverage of the construction project approval system, expand the policy coverage for low-risk projects, and further enhance the efficiency and service level on project approval.
  3. Property registrations. Improve the reform of "Online Integration" for property registration, expand the coverage of registration, and further strengthen the disclosure and sharing of real estate registration information.
  4. Electricity, gas and water. Popularize the reform experience for electric power, further optimize the way of public utility service processing, and realize the integrated service and deputy service for the whole process.
  5. Tax payment. Deepen the comprehensive reform of declaration and tax payment, expand the "non-contact" tax payment services, continue to promote facilitation, and consolidate the policy effect of tax reduction and fee reduction.
  6. Cross-border trades. Continue to speed up the reform of customs clearance and promote the expansion for service function of cross-border trades into port logistics and trade services as a whole chain.
  7. Financial services. Strengthen the policy guidance and assessment, promote the opening of public data and the application of big data in inclusive finance, and promote the alleviation of financing difficulties and expensive financing problems for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  8. Creation, protection and application of intellectual property. Promote the facilitation of intellectual property application, enhance the efficiency of intellectual property financing, and improve intellectual property service and protection system.
  9. Labor market regulation and services. Improve the employment information monitoring mechanism, improve the link between labor market mediation and arbitration, establish and improve the mechanism for early warning and disposal of employees' rights and interests, and improve the level of labor market supervision and services.
  10. Services for creation and start-up. Guide all kinds of entities to the direction of specialization, branding and internationalization, implement a new round of action to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and further optimize talent services.
  11. Contract execution. Promote the construction of "intelligent courts", perfect the resolving mechanism of multiple disputes, and further reduce the whole process, time and cost of the execution of civil and commercial cases.
  12. Bankruptcy. Improve the quality and effectiveness of bankruptcy cases, and help those enterprises with values to reconstruct and regenerate.


Fair competition and marketing environment

  1. Market access. Hold the principle of neutral competition, ensure that all types of ownership enterprises use resource elements equally and participate in market competition fairly.
  2. Prudential regulation. In accordance with the principle of encouraging creation, innovative regulatory standards and models are explored for new technologies, new industries, new formats and new modes.
  3. Credit regulation. Build a new regulatory system based on credit and tight the whole links up. For those entities which breach the trust, due punishment shall be implemented. And provide more convenient services to the trustworthy entities in administrative examination, approval, and other affairs.
  4. Supervision. Enhance the cooperation for law enforcement and data collection for regulation.
  5. Comprehensive law enforcement. Strengthen cross-departmental comprehensive law enforcement, standardize the exercise of discretion, and improve the standardization and transparency of regulatory law enforcement.
  6. Government procurement and bidding. Raise the digital level, clear unreasonable restrictions and barriers from government procurement and bidding process.


Enterprise services for stable business environment in all directions

  1. Favorable policies for enterprises. Further improve the policy awareness rate and access rate.
  2. Deputy services. Set up a deputy team, define the responsibility, scope and process of deputy, and provide professional and efficient services to all kinds of market entities.
  3. Parks. Enhance the cooperation between parks and administrative management departments.
  4. Foreign services. Continue to optimize the foreign services on the Integrated Online Platform offering guidance of public government services to foreign-funded enterprises and foreigners in English and Chinese.
  5. Multiple dispute resolutions. Actively promote commercial dispute settlement for small and medium-sized enterprises. Strengthen investor protection and safeguard the legitimate interests of small and medium-sized investors.
  6. Communication between government and enterprise. Set the appeal channel for enterprises.
  7. Upgradation among Yangtze River Delta. Establish cooperation mechanisms to promote the unified market access and regulatory rules.


Implementation protection for business

  1. Propaganda for business environment. Put the propaganda into the highlighted points of working plans, and raise the awareness and impact for the business environment of Shanghai.
  2. Review and supervision for business environment. Carry out evaluation and set up a regular evaluation mechanism.


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