Implementation Plan on Industry Development Speeding-up for New Energy Vehicles of Shanghai (2021-2025) Featured

Thursday, 04 March 2021 10:31

In order to speed up the industry development of new energy vehicles within Shanghai, Shanghai Government issued the Implementation Plan on Industry Development Speeding-up for New Energy Vehicles of Shanghai (2021-2025) based on actual fact on the date of February 4th, 2021.


Development goal

Till the year of 2025, the industry scale of local new energy vehicles is leading domestically, the core technology has made major breakthroughs, the R&D and manufacturing of key components and parts have reached the international top level. Accelerate the realization of green transportation energy system, and increase the usages of new energy vehicles. The intelligent application ability of network connection would be obviously improved, and the construction of intelligent transportation system related facilities has made positive progress. Continuously to support infrastructure optimization, and basically formed the intelligent, informationalized operation system.


Main tasks

  1. Strengthen the R&D of key common technologies and continuously upgrade basic industrial capabilities
  • Innovation of vehicle integration technology. Give priority to the development of pure electric vehicles, increase the supply of high-end pure electric models.
  • Build key technology for components and parts and product supply system. Speed up the technology breakthrough for power battery, promote key technology, basic materials and core technology breakthrough on fuel cell vehicle.
  • Increase the tackling dimensions for core technology of intelligent vehicles. Closely follow the forward-looking basic technology research and development, support measurement and testing technical method research and standard system construction in relative fields.
  • Promote the orderly construction of vehicle hydrogen supply system. Priority is given to support the application of renewable energy hydrogen production technology and the application of various forms of hydrogen storage and transportation technology.


  1. Build a industrial environment with reasonable plan, clear division and interacted development
  • Support the development of ecological leading enterprises. Support SAIC Group to develop new energy vehicles to achieve independent and controllable core technology.
  • Layout of "unicorn" enterprises for components and parts. Support enterprises in Shanghai to actively carry out domestic and oversea mergers and acquisitions to achieve industrial chain reinforcement.
  • Create multi-level industrial clusters. Anting Area shall build a comprehensive base with research and development, manufacturing, testing, application, cultural travel and exhibition functions. Lin’gang New Area shall form an innovative manufacturing base with obvious technological advantages, high degree of opening and great international influence. Jinqiao and Zhangjiang areas shall give full play to their industrial advantages and speed up the layout in the fields of visual identification, vehicle operating system and vehicle planning level.
  • Promote industry and regional cooperation and opening up. Support leading enterprises and universities, research institutes jointly set up the new energy vehicle industry alliance (association). Promote fuel cell vehicles and intelligent vehicles integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta.


  1. Form a green transportation energy system, promote the integrated development of new energy vehicles and transportation
  • Optimize personal use of new energy vehicle support policy. Improve the new energy vehicle license supporting policy, and also give due support for the usage.
  • Promote the overall electric use of public vehicles. New or renewed vehicles for buses and cruise taxis shall all use new energy vehicles in principle.
  • Actively expand fuel cell vehicle demonstration applications. Support fuel cell vehicles in qualified suburban public transport in the fields of heavy cargo, cold chain transport, sanitation, non-road mobile vehicles.
  • Speed up the creation of smart vehicle application scenarios. Explore testing in different types and risk grade areas such as urban expressways, highways and parking lots.


  1. Improve the infrastructure system and implement the support
  • Improve the operational charging and switching network layout. Take full use of parks, green space, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, P+R parking, public and road parking, viaduct under the land and other resources.
  • Implement residential community charging facilities construction requirements. If the community has the conditions to install charging facilities, no unit or individual shall be hindered on improper grounds.
  • Promote the construction of hydrogenation infrastructure. Under the premise of safety and control, the qualified refueling (gas) station shall be converted into oil(gas)-hydrogen construction station.
  • Promote the construction of intelligent infrastructure. The implementation of digital and intelligent transformation of traffic signal lights, traffic signs, traffic management and information release system shall be also promoted.
  • Accelerate the opening of public data resources. Promote data resources opening as traffic lights and high-definition video surveillance, explore the construction of "cloud network" platform for intelligent vehicles.


  1. Upgrade the system and support industrial innovation
  • Perfect the whole process management standard of new energy vehicles. The standards and regulations of new energy vehicles have to be brought up about maintenance inspection, financial insurance, accident claims, residual value identification and emergency rescue measures.
  • Optimize the legal environment of innovation and application for intelligent vehicles. The handling and judgment method of illegal autonomous driving traffic and corresponding accident liability shall be under researches, and the innovation mechanism of related insurance shall be explored.


Protection measures

  1. Policies
  • Focus on planning, land, finance, taxation, and financial policies to support the construction of specialized parks and key projects of new energy vehicles. Explore the establishment of new energy vehicle development fund to guide social capital to participate in new energy vehicle projects. Make full use on the key industry supporting policies of Lin’gang New Area, for those new energy vehicle relative enterprises in Lin’gang New Area which engage in the related product (technology) business of the core links of integrated circuits and artificial intelligence, and carry out substantive production or R&D activities, the enterprise income tax shall be reduced by 15% within 5 years from the date of establishment. The policy of supporting the development of fuel cell vehicle industry is introduced, and subsidies are given to vehicle demonstration operation, application of key components and parts, and construction and operation of hydrogenation station.
  1. Talent incentive
  • For those compliant domestic and oversea talents within the field of new energy vehicles, they shall be supported by relevant regulations as Shanghai citizenship and talent incentives.


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