General Plan for the Construction of Hongqiao International Opening Pivot Featured

Tuesday, 02 March 2021 13:34

In order to plan and construct Hongqiao international opening pivot in a high level and promote deep reform and cooperative development, National Development and Reform Commission has issued the General Plan for the Construction of Hongqiao International Opening Pivot on February 22nd, 2021. The goal of this General Plan is to build the basis on the year of 2025 and generally build the Hongqiao international opening pivot on the year of 2035. Shanghai Hongqiao Business Area as the core, expands to the north and the south, as a whole regional developing space. It would be helpful for setting the international position of Hongqiao Business Area and relevant regions, showing the advantage of opening, being a part of the global cooperation and raise the resourcing efficiency and competitive capacity.


  1. Build international and central business area with high standard

(1) The important bearing area as the international exhibition city. Promote the internationalization, specialization and brand development of exhibition economy, and vigorously introduce famous global exhibition enterprise headquarters, domestic and foreign professional exhibition organizations, important international brand exhibitions and their upstream and downstream supporting enterprises.

(2) A characteristic modern service agglomeration area. Actively attract consulting services as management, accounting or legal to promote the centralized development of professional services.

(3) New highland for economic upgrade of headquarters. Support eligible multinational corporations to carry out centralized operation and management of cross-border funds, encourage multinational corporations to set up global or regional capital management centers.

(4) International talent advantage. The area would provide visa, residence and permanent residence facilities for overseas high-level professional service personnel to practice and provide academic cooperation in China.

(5) Internationalized level of public services. Strengthen the supply of high-level medical services to facilitate the stay and practice of foreign medical personnel in the region and the entry, stay and visit of patients and accompanying personnel.


  1. Build a new platform for high-end resource allocation of international trades

(1) Run China International Import Expo. The innovative policies of tax support, customs clearance supervision, fund settlement, investment convenience and entry and exit of personnel will be upgraded to a regular arranging system.

(2) Build Hongqiao International Economic Forum at a high level. Actively explore the market-oriented and institutionalized forum operation model, and build a platform to promote open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win exchange.

(3) Innovation and development of new international trades. Explore the establishment of a national digital service export base, and support enterprises with real and high reputation in Hongqiao Business Area to carry out new kind of international trade through free trade accounts.

(4) Gather high-level trade platforms and entities. Cultivate and introduce a number of unicorn enterprises and industry leading enterprises in the fields of electronic commerce, digital trade and supply chain management.

(5) Promote the deep integration of finance and trade. Financial institutions are encouraged to provide services such as cross-border bond issuance, cross-border investment mergers and acquisitions for enterprises and non-residents in Hongqiao Business Area.

(6) Strengthen the industrial support of international trade. In the fields as automotive, intelligent manufacturing and new materials, further extend the industrial chain and provide basic support for digital trade.


  1. Fully improve the management level of integrated transportation pivot

(1) Strengthen the function of international air transport service. Increase information sharing, operation management, flight preparation and landing, emergency rescue and other aspects of cooperation.

(2) Build cross-regional rail transit network. Speed up the construction of Hongqiao Business Area and major cities of the Yangtze River Delta with two-hour rail transit circle.

(3) Speed up the construction of the port collection and distribution system. Expand direct-through ocean routes, create river-sea transport core port area and ocean transport distribution center.


  1. Significantly improve the ability to serve the Yangtze River Delta and even globe

(1) Strengthen the function to serve the Yangtze River Delta.  Help to Set up R&D center, marketing company, foreign affairs liaison office and other functional organizations for enterprises, associations and chambers of commerce in Yangtze River Delta.

(2) Expand the service efficiency to connect to the globe. Provide high-quality services for the Yangtze River Delta freight passenger port with customs inspection, flight information, warehousing transit and intermediary agents.


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