Implementation Suggestion on Market Order of House Leasing within Shanghai Featured

Monday, 08 February 2021 15:06

Ten departments of Shanghai Bureau issued the Implementation Suggestion on Market Order of House Leasing within Shanghai together on January 27th, 2021 to further protect market order and promote steady development of house leasing.


  1. Market entity management for house leasing

Strictly register and manage for business scope through big data resources platforms within the city. House leasing enterprises, real estate brokerage institutions and network information platforms engaged in house leasing activities within the city, as well as units and individuals with more than 10 sets of sublet housing, shall handle the market entity registration according to law. For opening report and record procedures, they shall be filed to the housing management department from the registered address. There shall be a strict management for personnel as the real-name information card system, and strengthen the training of personnel’s policies, regulations, professional ethics and specialized knowledge.


  1. Management of information publishing system of leasing houses

Publish real release of housing information, real entrustments, real situations and real prices. Carry out the verification of housing information, real estate brokerage institutions and housing rental business institutions engaged in decentralized agency leasing business shall go through the verification of housing information through the municipal housing rental public service platform and obtain the housing source verification code before issuing the housing information. Determine the responsibility of network platform, carefully check the main body qualification and the necessary information of the house source, and verify the identity of the publisher and the authenticity of the house source.


  1. Management of online house leasing contract record registration

The online house leasing contract record registration for housing rental activities shall be handled by housing rental business institutions and real estate brokerage agencies in the administrative area of the city. There shall be standard contract as an example which states expiration date, rent and method of payment of the contract. Raise the efficiency for online record registration and guide the parties concerned in the contracts to apply for the instant record for house leasing contract through channels like the Integrated Online Platform.


  1. Management of house leasing transaction services

Regulate the fees of leasing services, prices shall be tagged clearly, confirmed and signed by the parties concerned. The period for rent payment shall be regulated, housing rental institutions shall not force or induce lessees to pay long-term rent for more than three months in the name of rent concessions.


  1. Supervision for house leasing transaction funds

For the fund supervision account that opened in a commercial bank registered in this city, the account shall not be withdrawn in cash and shall not be changed in principle. The account supervision agreement shall be signed with undertaking bank, strengthen capital receipt and payment requirements and the control of rental loan business.


  1. Security management for leasing houses

The housing rental business institutions shall regularly inspect the premises, facilities and equipments configured to ensure that they are in a safe and usable state, and shall compile the instructions, inform the lessee of the use of the premises, facilities and equipments, and indicate the attention issues in the safe use of fire, electricity and gas.


  1. Construction of public service platform for housing rental

Speed up the service role for "Integrated Online Platform", the regulatory role for "network management" and the publicity role for "social sharing".


  1. Crack down on housing market chaos

New mechanisms shall be worked on as the discovery mechanism for market chaos, dispute mediation mechanism in the industries, dissolving mechanism for complaints and reports, resolution mechanism for territorial conflicts, cooperation mechanism for administrative law enforcements, supervision mechanism for industrial credit and the leading position for public opinion supervision.


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