Shanghai Joint Random Inspection List for Market Regulation Featured

Thursday, 24 December 2020 10:48

In order to further improve and normalize the joint random inspection within the domain of market regulation in Shanghai, now the Shanghai Joint Random Inspection List for Market Regulation (First Version) (“the List”) is newly published. Specific content is stated below:


As for this version of the List, there are 35 domains and 142 issues under random inspection which involve 50 different kinds of inspection objects.


  1. Engineering consulting units and engineering cost consulting enterprises;
  2. Energy conservation management in key energy-using units which cost above 5000 tons of standard coal per year;
  3. School running;
  4. Business and health management of theaters, video rooms, recreation rooms, ballrooms, concert halls;
  5. Hotels and inns;
  6. Annual report of various enterprises;
  7. Enterprises and units which may involve production, use, sale, maintenance, recycling, destroying and raw material of ODS (ozone depleting substances);
  8. Ecological environment monitoring agencies;
  9. Motor vehicle sales enterprises;
  10. Inspections of motor vehicle emission inspection institutions;
  11. Business and use units of civil firearms;
  12. Related units of security guard;
  13. Blasting operation units;
  14. Transportation as road transport enterprises for dangerous goods, road transport enterprises with new business forms and motor comprehensive performance testing stations;
  15. Agricultural means of production as pesticide producers and operators, registered pesticide testing units, fertilizer producers and operators, enterprises of agricultural machinery production and operation, seed producers and operators, enterprises of feed and feed additives production and operation, enterprises of veterinary drug production and operation, veterinary drug use units;
  16. Units and individuals engaged in research, testing, production, processing, operation, import and export activities of agricultural genetically modified organisms in China;
  17. Breeding and processing of poultry and aquatic wildlife;
  18. Fire safety for usage;
  19. Production security of industrial enterprises;
  20. Operating Internet cultural units;
  21. Business performance units;
  22. Artwork business units;
  23. Travel agencies;
  24. Travel agent business through network like websites and platforms;
  25. Automobile industry as sale of new automobile, second-hand car and recycling and dismantling of scrap motor vehicle;
  26. Single-purpose commercial prepaid card issuing enterprises;
  27. Real estate units;
  28. Architecture business units;
  29. Gas business enterprises and relative road transport enterprises for dangerous goods;
  30. Public works as landscaping and municipal sewage treatment works;
  31. Parties which is suspected for illegal taxation;
  32. Related enterprises and examination institutions for ordinary pressure tank vehicles;
  33. Export commodity producers;
  34. Labor inspections for employing units and labor dispatch units;
  35. Routine statistical surveys from state, departments or locals.


The List would be updated and adjusted based on implementation situation according to laws and regulations and then announce and publish to the society.


If you want to read the complete article, you can refer to the below link (in Chinese only):


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