Joint Working Plan on Transformation and Upgrade of Service Outsourcing Featured

Thursday, 17 December 2020 08:09

Aiming to accelerate the digital, intelligent, high-end and integrated transformation and upgrade of service outsourcing, eight bureaus of Shanghai Municipal have issued together a joint working plan based on the development of digital technology on the date of November 23rd, 2020. Those main tasks of this working plan are listed below:


Steady the base of digital transformation

  • Build high-quality digital infrastructures, construct an information and communication pivot facing all global data, improve the carrying capacity of information and communication network, and protect the construction of large cloud data centers.
  • A management system for cross-border data security is under due exploration, being a pilot area of which, there would be security evaluations within Lin’gang New Area for data management and classified supervision on data security.
  • Accelerate the development of new modes like cloud outsourcing and crowdsourcing, and also new forms as digital outsourcing platform for production and service production.


Push the development in key fields

  • Support the outsourcing of information and technology, encourage enterprises to develop key production with own intellectual property. Relevant departments of government would raise some model enterprises with the cooperative development between information and technology outsourcing and production industry and put special supports on them.
  • Actively attract the establishment for shared service centers of multinational corporations to provide support services as financial, human resources, marketing and supply chain to global clients in the fields of law, accounting, consulting, transportation, advertising and etc.
  • Biomedical R&D outsourcing shall be transformed into the mode of cooperation with intellectual property, also biomedical R&D outsourcing enterprises are encouraged to cooperate with pharmaceutical enterprises and technology institutions to push the development for cross-border biomedicine projects.
  • Explore the potentiality of design outsourcing and shares of design resources for the fields of industrial design and art design in ship manufacturing, civil aviation, high-end equipment and fashion.


Accelerate the cultivation for market entities

  • For those key enterprises that fulfill the cultivated standards for service outsourcing, there would be policies to support them with funds and financing.
  • With the centralized advantage, the constructions of bearing areas and digital service export bases would be upgraded to build a global digital trade harbor.
  • Using special funds on service trade to build public service platforms, offer services as common technical support, cloud services, tests, examinations and intellectual property for enterprises.
  • Spread the needs for service outsourcing, encourage enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, to purchase professional services as supply chain, call center, marketing, financial back-office and procurement.
  • Expand global service network, market outsourcing cooperation with countries and regions on the “Belt and Road” is encouraged. Also, various kinds of domestic and oversea specialized exhibitions and service stations are supported for service outsourcing enterprises.


Focus on the talent team

  • Cultivate and introduce middle-end and high-end talents and duly improve the introduction system for oversea talents. Support the growth of high-end specialized technical talents from service outsourcing enterprises.
  • Encourage college graduates to start their own businesses with financing support and give social security subsidy for service outsourcing enterprises if they hire college graduates.
  • Deepen the cooperation between production and education as enterprises and universities, establish more outsourcing training bases for talent training.


Upgrade the levels of policies and public services

  • Complete tax policies and fund supports for service outsourcing enterprises which are determined as regional headquarters of transnational corporations, R&D centers and private enterprise headquarters on customs clearance, personnel entry and exit and foreign exchange settlement.
  • Put more financial supports, financial institutions shall open new credit products based on the specialties of service outsourcing enterprises, policy banks shall provide prime based loan for those key projects.
  • Expand the range of bonded supervision on imported materials for R&D, design, examination and maintenance which both sides of them are aboard.
  • Upgrade the supervision mode of customs and improve the credit cultivation for service outsourcing enterprises.


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