Notification on Live Shows and E-commerce Live Broadcast by National Radio and Television Administration Featured

Thursday, 26 November 2020 08:49

In recent years, online live shows and e-commerce live broadcast programs have emerged in large numbers that become an active phenomenon in the Internet economy and network audio-visual programs, those construction managements shall be paid high attention. As a result of which, National Radio and Television Administration has issued a notification in order to strengthen the leading position of trend and value, build a healthy industrial environment and prevent bad practice spreading. There are nine requirements which would be listed below:


  1. Online live show platforms and e-commerce live broadcast platforms shall stick with the right direction as social benefits priority and spread positive energy, actively promote innovation for contents and forms, present and recommend live programs with positive value based on the layers of characteristics and ages of the audiences.


  1. Live platforms shall actively take part in the construction of industrial ethics and self-discipline, complete all the relative management system, responsibility system, content security system and equipment of people, data and goods. The platforms above shall file online registration record about their information and business situations before November 30th, 2020.


  1. Live platforms shall make sure the synchronous system of establishment and management, recently the overall ratio of the number of auditors to the number of live rooms shall not be less than 1:50. Provide more training for the auditors and put those auditors who have passed the training on the online records. For those social celebrities and performers outside Mainland China who set up live rooms, the platform shall report to the relevant radio and television administration in advance.


  1. Management for contents and performers shall be divided into different categories of tags, program category and live room number must be stated clearly on the live page. Performers shall go through an examination by the platform if they want to change the category of their live rooms.


  1. Score profiles of live rooms and performers shall be duly established by live platforms, refine program quality score and violation score, and link the score with relevant recommendations and promotions. Provide training for performers especially head performers to learn relative laws, regulations, policies and other information.


  1. Real-name management shall be strictly implemented by live platforms. For those users who didn’t go through real-name registration, they cannot use the rewarding function to the performers, neither can the minors. There shall be a limitation for the maximum amount of each, daily and monthly reward. Live platforms shall return all the rewards to users based on the delay setting for accounting if the performer acts illegally.


  1. Live platforms must not exceed the scope of e-commerce and illegally produce or broadcast other audio-visual program which is not relative with the sale. To hold thematic e-commerce activities as e-commerce festival, e-commerce day or promotion day, the platform shall file a record to the competent department of radio and television about activity information as guests, performers, contents and settings before 14 working days.


  1. Live platforms shall do relevant qualification reviews and real-name certifications of live merchants and individuals, and keep on regularly reviews for the authenticity of information and correct any problem in time.


  1. Live platforms shall actively explore full use of new technologies as big data and artificial intelligence to encourage the promotions of live programs, let algorithm to support the promotions of high-quality audio-visual contents and the alerts of bad contents as violations just in order to achieve accurate early warning and timely blocking.


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