Catalogue of Investments in Fixed Assets Which Need To Be Approved in the Demonstration Area in the Yangtze River Delta Featured

Thursday, 15 October 2020 09:16

People’s Government of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang have issued together the Catalogue of Investment Projects of the Government Approval for Demonstration Area in the Yangtze River Delta on Eco-friendly and Integrated Development (2020 Edition) (the “Catalogue”).


The investments in fixed assets in this Catalogue within Demonstration Area in the Yangtze River Delta on Eco-friendly and Integrated Development (the “Demonstration Area”) shall register for the approval from relative departments. Those projects which are not in the Catalogue may just record the fillings to the authority.


The details of the Catalogue are mainly divided into:

  1. Agriculture and water conservancy;
  2. Energy, as hydropower station, pumped-storage power station, thermal power station, heat power station, wind power station, nuclear power station, power grid engineering, coal mine, coal fuel, receiving and storage facility of liquefied petroleum gas, import LNG receiving and storage facility, oil pipeline network, gas pipe network, oil refining and denatured fuel ethanol;
  3. Transportation, as new railway, highway, independent highway (railway) bridge and tunnel, special berth for coal, ore, oil and gas, container terminal, inland navigation and civil airport;
  4. Information industry as telecommunication;
  5. Raw material, as development of rare earth, iron ore and nonferrous mines, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, rare earth and gold mine;
  6. Light industry as tobacco;
  7. High and new technology as civil aviation;
  8. Urban construction as urban rapid rail transit, urban bridge and tunnel, city express, streetcar, BRT, urban underground utility tunnel construction, urban water supply, urban gas supply;
  9. Sewage (mud) treatment, domestic waste disposal, industrial solid waste disposal, other solid waste disposal;
  10. Social project as theme park, traveling and other social projects;
  11. Foreign-funded investment. Projects with a total investment (including increasing capital) of 300 million USD or more in non-restricted areas in the Special Administrative Measures (Negative List) for the Access of Foreign Investment shall be approved by the State Development and Reform Commission, of which the total investment (including increasing capital) of 2 billion USD or more shall be reported to the State Council for the record. For those projects whose total investments (including increasing capital) under 300 million USD, they shall be approved by provincial authority.


The Catalogue shall be effective on the date of September 1st, 2020.


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