Further Perfecting Comprehensive Prevention and Control System for National Cyber Security

Tuesday, 29 September 2020 16:55

The Ministry of Public Security has formulated and recently issued the Guiding Opinions on Implementing the Classified Protection System for Cyber Security and the System for Protection of the Security of Critical Information Infrastructures (the "Opinions"). The Opinions specify the further perfection of the comprehensive prevention and control system for national cyber security, the effective prevention of threats to cyber security, the powerful disposal of material cyber security events and the practical guarantee of security of critical information infrastructures, important networks and data.

In short, the Classified Protection System for Cyber Security is to protect and supervise cyberspace by grade.

In particular, the Opinions put forward requirements for strengthening cyber security protection collaboration and guarantees for cyber security work. For example, while building cyber security protection business platforms and intelligent platform brains of the respective industries and of their own, competent industry authorities and network operators shall connect with public security platforms, and form the great pattern of comprehensive prevention and control with the integration of departments and regions at different levels, vertical and horizontal connectivity and collaborative linkage. The key industry and cyber operators and public security organs shall build cyber security monitoring and command centers, and jointly form a normal and pragmatic cyber security work mechanism.

Cyberspace is graded at five different levels based on the importance and the harmfulness after being damaged. The operator of cyberspace at or above Grade II shall file a record with the public security organ. The public security organ shall examine materials submitted by a cyber operator for record-filing purposes, and issue the filing-recording certificate after passing the examination. In addition, the public security organs should guide Grade II cyberspace, and regularly supervise and inspect Grade III and Grade IV cyberspace.

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