Development of New Business Forms and New Models Supported and Consumer Market Activated to Create More Jobs

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 14:30

The National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC") and other 12 departments have issued the Opinions on Supporting the Healthy Development of New Business Forms and New Models and Activating the Consumer Market to Create More Jobs (the "Opinions"). Shanghai Dongjin finds the below as main points.

China will look to foster the integrated development of online and offline businesses, boost industrial digitalization and encourage self-employment ventures.

Actively explore new mode of online service and activate new consumer markets

  • Development of integration online education:
  • Development of online medical services: to explore the mutual recognition system of examination results and online prescription information, and explore the establishment and improvement of patient medical data sharing mode and system. To explore and improve online medical dispute handling method; and incorporate eligible "Internet plus" medical service fees into the scope of medical insurance payment.
  • Encouraging telecommuting: Promote and improve the infrastructure of digital applications such as electronic contract, electronic invoice, electronic seal, electronic signature, electronic authentication, and provide effective support for online office.
  • Continuously improve the level of digital governance;

Accelerating the digital transformation of traditional enterprises and strengthen the new momentum of the real economy

  • Build virtual industrial parks and clusters;
  • Develop "unmanned economy" based on new technology; Give full play to the role of intelligent application, promote production, circulation, service, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Actively cultivate new individuals and support independent employment

  • Support diversified self-employment and time-sharing employment such as Wechat e-commerce and webcast;
  • Encourage the development of innovative platforms based on knowledge dissemination and experience sharing.

Boosting the development of the sharing economy

  • Promote the formation of a new system for the supply of high-quality life service elements. Encourage intelligent product upgrading and business model innovation in areas such as sharing travel, catering delivery, group buying, online drug purchase, sharing accommodation, cultural tourism and other fields, develop new ways of living and consumption, and cultivate online high-end brands.
  • Relying on the national data sharing system, to promote the safe sharing of public data resources such as population, transportation, communication, hygiene and health

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